James Cameron may not be directing Avatar 4 and Avatar 5

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James Cameron said in a new interview with ‘Empire’ that he may not direct ‘Avatar: The Tulkun Rider’ and ‘Avatar: The Quest for Eywa’ himself, but rather find a trusted director to take over.

Cameron said shooting ‘Avatar’ series of such large-scale films is really exhausting, he also has other interested projects want to do, may be over time eventually the director position will change.

James Cameron may not be directing Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 | FMV6

Alita: Battle Angel’ was originally a long-planned project for Cameron to direct, but the director was eventually replaced by Robert Rodriguez, with Cameron serving as co-writer and executive producer.

Of course Cameron also stressed that ‘Avatar’, a world he created, was significant and wanted to tell about family, sustainability, climate, the natural world, real life and the themes that were important to him in cinematic life, and the more exciting it became as the story progressed.

But shooting to the fourth is really a big challenge, now has completed three, he hopes to complete four or five, but a lot depends on the market forces.

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