‘She-Hulk’ criticised for discriminating against homeless people

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Marvel’s new show ‘She-Hulk’ has received flak online for allegedly discriminating against the homeless community with the benches featured in its promos.

'She-Hulk' criticised for discriminating against homeless people | FMV6

The bench is seen as a good tool for temporary rest, and in the eyes of the homeless community as a bed to rest on.’ She-Hulk’ promotional video appears in the middle of the bench is separated by a small handrail, this design makes the homeless can not rest on the bench.

The design was seen by netizens as discriminatory against the homeless community, calling the chair “a building that excludes the homeless”.

'She-Hulk' criticised for discriminating against homeless people | FMV6

Some netizens said the real She-Hulk should hammer such chairs flat so that the homeless community can use them to rest, instead of spending money to promote such discriminatory architecture.

Other users said that the appearance of this chair made him feel very angry and now is not want to see ‘She-Hulk’ at all.

'She-Hulk' criticised for discriminating against homeless people | FMV6

According to statistics, by 2020 the United States will have more than 580,000 people homeless, of which about 226,000 need to sleep outdoors and in abandoned buildings, so there is a “bench culture” generated.

Uneven sidewalks, curbs with cornices and narrow sidewalks, including benches that cannot be crossed, are seen as representative of discrimination against homeless groups.

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