Marvel’s “Ms. Marvel‎” first round of media evaluations exposed, all praise!

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In a few days, “Ms. Marvel‎”, the successor of Marvel’s “Moon Knight” spin-off drama, will be launched. For this spin-off drama, after the trailer was launched earlier, it was also expected by many fans.


Of course, there are a lot of complaints. Among them, most of the complaints are that Marvel changed the ability setting of “Ms. Marvel‎” in the episode.


Compared with the Inhumans setting in the original book, the current drama version of Ms. Marvel‎ has become a character endowed with superpowers by means of “equipment”.


Although Marvel officials have previously stated that this will not have any impact on the entire series or even the characters, it is still quite tangled for the original party.

Of course! Just like some Marvel works will hold a media preview session before they go online, Marvel also held a media preview session for the first 2 episodes of “Ms. Marvel‎”.


In this regard, many media’s reactions to this drama are biased towards positive, and most of them are praised.

Although we all know that most of these invited media outlets are unlikely to bash the show too much. But I was a little surprised by the many reviews that were close to positive reviews.


Moreover, compared with the choice of actors in previous episodes that many fans have complained about, many media invited to participate in the media premiere this time have mostly praised the starring Iman Vellani!


Among them, Fico Cangiano of CineXpress gave a very good recognition to the performance of the young Kamala Khan played by “Iman Vellani” after the media premiere, and also said about the first two episodes of the premiere:

“Plotly about her imaginative teenage coming-of-age story, fun, witty, and colorful, with a style and tone that reminds me of ‘The Mitchells vs. The Machines,’ so, great, I’m looking forward to the next few episodes. “


Laughing Place on the other side is not stingy in praising the starring “Iman Vellani”, thinking that “Iman Vellani” is the perfect protagonist, and calling the show’s positioning like Marvel’s version of “Mean Girls‎”: “‘Ms. Marvel’ is charming and very hilarious and entertaining, Iman Vellani does a great job of Kamala Khan, and the rest of the cast does a great job!”


In addition, as I said earlier, many media’s evaluation of the series may still point out some flaws, but the starring Iman Vellani is all praised, and the more typical one is Reilly Johnson of FandomWire!

In his opinion, “The series seems to be aimed at a younger audience and there hasn’t been much action so far, but Iman Vellani’s charisma makes the series very engaging and enjoyable.”


Obviously, there are still many such comments, and I don’t know if the media has benefited from it or because the United States or the entire Hollywood film industry has been influenced by the so-called political correctness, and dare not criticize such a minority as Iman Vellani. Ethnicity, basically many evaluations have no bad views on the starring.

Similar comments that Iman Vellani will have a very good future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other fields in the future, there are not a few, a typical one is Swara Salih of he Middle Geeks——


“Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan is amazing, she brings all the energy, enthusiasm and youthfulness that we all love Kamala, and I’m sure she will have a great future in the MCU and beyond.”

Interestingly, Swara Salih also criticized the content of the first 2 episodes of the series, arguing that at least from the plot of the first 2 episodes, “Mara’s Muslim community is too conservative, shackles her, and has been dealing with it all the time. Internal problems, at least for now.”

Marvel's "Ms. Marvel‎" first round of media evaluations exposed, all praise!

Therefore, for these evaluations, we can make a reference. What kind of performance will this show really have? Whether it can have the excellent quality of Marvel’s previous works, we can judge it after watching it for ourselves.

“Ms. Marvel‎” will be launched on June 8th.

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