Rumor: Warners executives decide to delete all footage of Amber Heard in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”!

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On May 25, the president of DC Films dismissed rumors that Mera had been removed, saying that they did consider changing the cast, but not out of abuse allegations, but out of chemistry between Amber Heard and star Jason Momoa Worry.


However, things seem to have changed. According to KC Walsh, the editor-in-chief of Geeks WorldWide and a well-known DC Cinematic Universe source, Warners executives met and decided to delete all scenes of Amber Heard in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”.


Faced with questions from netizens and questions about how the plot should proceed, KC Walsh said that he speculated that “Mera” might die in childbirth at the beginning of the movie.

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Although all this news has not been officially confirmed, there are still many netizens petitioning to delete the footage of Amber Heard in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” on the Internet. As early as a month ago, there were more than 3 million petitions.

Rumor: Warners executives decide to delete all footage of Amber Heard in "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom"!

On June 2, Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation and announced that Depp won the case. The jury affirmed all three claims of Depp, plus the petition of netizens mentioned above, which may indeed make Warner executives begin to reconsider Do you want to delete all of Amber Heard’s scenes in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”.

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