Robert Pattinson promotes “The Batman” on “Jimmy Kimmel live!”

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Robert Pattinson appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel live!” to promote “The Batman”, he admitted that he was always running the train with his mouth on the talk show, often he didn’t know what he was talking about, and really told a bat and chicken story.

“Catwoman” Zoë Kravitz would watch videos of big cats to figure out how Catwoman behaves, so he also watched animal videos of bats.

He noticed that the way the vampire bats prey on chickens was by flapping their wings on the side of the cage, and after an hour the chickens were so frightened that they fell asleep (?), so the bat slipped into the cage to bite the chicken’s **.

He told “The Batman” director Matt Reeves about this amazing discovery. Reeves: I have an idea!

Afterwards, Pattinson begged for mercy when asked by Chicken Feather, “Where do you live? Every time you say the answer is different”, he said he didn’t know what he was talking about. , Chicken Feather: “You’re talking about chicken eaters, I don’t think bats have sex!”

Jimmy: I think the worst thing in the world is “being a bad Batman”.

Pattinson: I think that’s right, everyone said to me “even if it didn’t work out, you’re still part of a very special production” and I was like “I don’t want to be called ‘the worst'” Remember Batman’s title!”

Pattinson also revealed that he only saw the full version of “The Batman” a few days ago, and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse cried while watching the film (he touched Suki’s eyes with tears), and she didn’t like watching Super of the hero movie, which surprised and delighted him.

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Pattinson also shared a lot of memories related to Batman and “The Batman”, especially his experience of trying on almost every Batman uniform in Warner’s costume department, which is very interesting.

He also ran into Christian Bale when he was going to the toilet, and the other person gave (ten thousand years) advice: remember to make sure you can urinate when you are in uniform!

At first, Pattinson himself thought “Batman’s voice (to be completely opposite to other Batman’s voice, it’s a “whisper” feeling, but he also admitted that it was “terrible”)”, which actually coincides with Bale.

As well as the film and this Batman’s relationship with Nirvana and Kurt Donald Cobain, etc., he once wanted to give Batman a very grunge look.

When asked by Jimmy, “Why are many superheroes in American comics now played by British people, such as Spider-Man, Batman, Superman…” Pattinson recalled filming “The Lost City of Z” with “Spider-Man” Tom Holland “Fun.

He said that Tom Holland should not have been cast as Batman at the time (in fact, the filming was after the casting of Spider-Man was announced), “And he was filmed in a very remote location in Colombia, and no one but me was there to witness it. appeared in a Spider-Man uniform.”

Jimmy: That means there’s a “dream come true” thing.

The show also featured a new clip of “The Batman” where Bruce talks to Gordon before rushing out of the Gotham Police Station.

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