Movies to look forward to in May

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Although many theatrical movies have chosen to postpone due to the epidemic, some movies are still released as scheduled!

Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers

Movies to look forward to in May

“Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers” was a Disney Channel series in the late ’80s and early ’90s about two chipmunks running their own detective agency.

Their specialty is – “too small” cases that the police can’t solve.

Given how lucrative the nostalgia market is, it’s no surprise that these crime-fighting chipmunks now have their own feature film on Disney+ 30 years after the series ended.

As Tom and Jerry are in the 2021 film, these animated characters are placed in the context of live-action performances.

Amazingly, Chip and Dale (voiced by John Mulaney and Andy Samberg) are no longer detectives, but shuffled actors who starred in TV shows decades ago.

Directed by Akiva Schaffer, it’s a postmodern, self-reflective adventure with a cameo from Roger Rabbit and jokes about reboots and different animation styles.

Released on Disney+ on May 20.

Elizabeth: A Portrait in Parts

Movies to look forward to in May

Released to coincide with the Queen’s Platinum Celebration, Elizabeth: A Portrait in Parts is a documentary about the 96-year-old monarch’s 70 years on the throne.

This will be an intimidating subject for most filmmakers.

But Roger Michell, who died last year, just directed “Nothing Like A Dame‎” starring Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Joan Plowright and Eileen Atkins.

So he has a lot of experience in photographing British national treasures of a certain age.

Released in UK on May 27 and on Prime Video on June 1.

This Much I Know to be True‎

Movies to look forward to in May

“The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford‎” director Andrew Dominik has made a documentary about Nick Cave.

“One More Time with Feeling‎” was released in 2016.

Six years on, the sequel is a performance piece in which Cave and his multi-instrumentalist right-hand man Warren Ellis play some of the coveted ballads from their last two albums, Ghosteen and Carnage.

The performances are captivating, but the documentary is just as entertaining in the interludes between the songs.

In these episodes, Cave talks fondly about the musical arrangements of Ellis’ Mad Professor, and shows off a set of ceramic figurines of demons he’s sculpted.

David Looney wrote in “The Hollywood Reporter”: “It was his (Dominik’s) apparent respect for them as artists that made his two Cave music documentaries so satisfying, and of course their voices were intoxicating, but The same goes for their stunning visuals and their engaging personal interviews.

Released worldwide on May 11.

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie‎

Movies to look forward to in May

After 12 seasons and more than 200 episodes, the beloved animated sitcom is finally hitting the big screen.

In “Bob’s Burgers: The Movie‎”, a giant sinkhole appears in the street in front of the Belcher’s fast food restaurant, and the intrepid kids investigate.

The series’ creator, Loren Bouchard, promises it will be a “mysterious adventure of musical comedy” that retains the show’s warmth and quick humor.

Released worldwide on May 27.


Movies to look forward to in May

At the opening of “Benediction”, Siegfried Sassoon travels to France to fight in the First World War.

It’s a war in which “he will survive, but never escape,” wrote Indiewire’s David Ehrlich.

This biopic from Terence Davies covers Sassoon’s reputation as a writer, his brief meeting with Wilfred Owen, another major poet of World War I, and his relationship with the likes of Ivor Novello, in a time when homosexuality was illegal ‘s era.

With Jack Lowden as the young Sassoon and Peter Capaldi as the older Sassoon, the show has been hailed as one of the veteran writer-director’s greatest accomplishments.

Ehrlich said: “Davis made a film again that felt like someone was stripping his soul from the screen, a film that shivered with the need for redemption that never came, this search The urgency is enough to make you feel it for yourself.”

Released in Ireland on May 13, the UK on May 20 and the US on June 3.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Movies to look forward to in May

In Marvel’s latest blockbuster, the Supreme Mage transcends our own universe and into countless other realities, where he and Scarlet Witch meet various versions of themselves.

The film’s director, Sam Raimi, is best known for his “Spider-Man” trilogy starring “The Evil Dead‎” and Tobey Maguire, so who better to combine horror and superheroes in one film?

In the multiverse you will find what is unknown.

It is in this unknown that suspense and darkness exist.

Also, “Doctor Strange” always involves quite weird universes and dimensions in the comics, so we tried to bring some of that into the movie. “

Released worldwide on May 6.

Top Gun: Maverick‎

Movies to look forward to in May

Four full years after filming began in May 2018, “Top Gun: Maverick‎” finally flew into theaters.

In the first “Top Gun‎” released in 1986, Tom Cruise played Peter Mitchell, a US Navy fighter pilot.

Over the years, Mitchell has been given the job of training a new crop of pilots, including “The Rooster” Bradshaw, the ill-fated son of his old buddy “Big Goose” who was killed in “Top Gun‎” .

Val Kilmer reprises his role as “Iceman” Kazansky and is now a four-star admiral, and Jon Hamm joins the cast as an admiral named “Cyclone”, so maybe this movie will explain why the Navy pilot All have superhero nicknames.

What we can expect is plenty of dizzying footage of supersonic flight, as well as a worthwhile shot of Cruise on the runway wearing his flier sunglasses.

Released worldwide on May 27.


Movies to look forward to in May

One of two horror films about psychic children coming out this month, “Firestarter‎” is based on Stephen King’s 1980 novel and is produced by Blumhouse.

It tells the story of Charlene McGee, a girl with “heat energy”: whenever she’s upset, things burst into flames.

The last adaptation came out in 1984, starring Drew Barrymore.

But the director of the new film, Keith Thomas, believes there is room for improvement. “I felt like there was a connotation to the story that I didn’t see in the ’80s version, a roughness that I thought was there in the book,” he told ComicBook.

Released worldwide on May 13.

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Movies to look forward to in May

Alex Garland, the director of “Annihilation‎” and “Ex Machina‎”, and the writer of “Sunshine‎” and “28 Days Later…‎”, moved away from science fiction and into folk horror.

Jessie Buckley plays a young widow who goes on holiday to a village in the countryside after her husband dies.

The twist is that there don’t seem to be any other women in the area — and all the local men are played by Rory Kinnear wearing various wigs.

From “Kind Hearts and Coronets‎” to “The Nutty Professor‎”, the gimmick is often used in comedy rather than horror.

Can Garland’s comments on toxic masculinity succeed in making it more scary than stupid?

Released in the US and Canada on May 20 and the UK and Ireland on June 1.

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