Jennifer Aniston: The reason I got divorced was not because I didn’t want to have children

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In her latest interview, Jennifer Aniston responded to long-standing speculation about the breakup of her two marriages (Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux): “They say I got divorced because I wouldn’t give my husband a child, which is an absolute lie.”

Jennifer Aniston: The reason I got divorced was not because I didn't want to have children | FMV6

Aniston says the toughest period of her life would be when she was in her 30s and 40s, “That’s when I tried to get pregnant, and it was a very challenging path to make one. No one knew, so many years so much suspicion …… “In order to be able to have their own baby, Aniston tried everything she could, including IVF, drinking herbs, “now there is nothing to hide. “

There were countless comments back then slamming Aniston for being selfish, and she penned that comeback column in 2016 while under fire, accusing the media of obsessing over her pregnancy, “I was so frustrated that all I was thinking was that I was going to write this because the bashing was driving me so crazy and I’m not a superhero who can’t be stung and hurt. “

Aniston doesn’t feel that a woman is incomplete without children, so when she realizes that she should just let it go, she chooses to let it go, with no regrets and even some relief, “Now I don’t have to obsess about ‘can I? “

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