Is Captain America a virgin ?

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If we talk about the most discussed topic in the comic book fan base recently, it is probably the topic of “Captain America is still a virgin” in addition to the ‘She-Hulk’ episode that just came online.

Is Captain America a virgin ? | FMV6

Of course, this topic earlier when it first came out, ‘She-Hulk’ is not yet online. So this topic is also triggered a lot of fans and even comic book officials to discuss, until finally in the ‘She-Hulk’ episode 1 final egg, through the mouth of Bruce Banner (Hulk) came to a coffin conclusion: Captain America is not a virgin.

Is Captain America a virgin ? | FMV6

But the fans of this session did not stop there, since the comic book side has expressed the definitive conclusion that Captain America is not a fledgling.

So, now it is necessary to discuss “Captain America’s first time in the year was given to which girl?”

For this reason, many fans are also directly focused on the unnamed “signer” played by Laura Haddock in “Captain America”.

Previously Hulk said Captain America’s “first time” was during the tour, and in the film, Laura Haddock as the beautiful woman seeking autographs, the film directly gave a large close-up.

Is Captain America a virgin ? | FMV6

So many fans are wildly speculating whether she is the woman who took Captain America’s “first time”.

But what’s more interesting: actress Laura Haddock played this role in ‘Captain America’ although no name, but after ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Laura Haddock again online Marvel Cinematic Universe starring Star-Lord’s mother Meredith Quill.

Is Captain America a virgin ? | FMV6

Because the 2 actors used the same person, so this makes many fans directly speculate, is not the year “Captain America” took Captain America’s first woman is not the Star-Lord character’s grandmother and other roles.

This idea is also gradually fermented in the network, so much so that eventually let the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actor James Gunn also down to explain.

James Gunn: Meredith Quill was born in the “late 50s

In this case, Laura’s role in 1943 was too young for Meredith Quill, who was born in the late 1950s

Is Captain America a virgin ? | FMV6

The “James Gunn” also directly denied the fan’s speculation. However, some fans also questioned, “Since it’s not a grandmother or something like that, is it possible that it’s a role like Star-Lord’s aunt?

In response, James Gunn half-jokingly said, “sure why not.”

Is Captain America a virgin ? | FMV6

However, despite the unlikelihood (almost none), but in fact, for Captain America’s “first” experience, if Marvel has the intention to expand to describe some story, can be put into the ‘What If…? series to go.

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