In a new report, DC Films indicates that “Joker 2” has received an update

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New reports indicate that “Joker 2” will soon be working with Joaquin Phoenix thanks to the progress of writer/director Todd Phillips.

According to reports, Todd Phillips will soon be writing and directing “Joker 2,” starring Joaquin Phoenix.

The studio is spicing up a Joker origin story as part of Warner Bros. and DC Films’ decision to abandon the closely shared universe model for all its DC films.


The film stars Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, a man who becomes the Joker in this universe.

“Joker” was a huge success for WB and DC after its release in 2019. The movie shocked Hollywood as it earned over $1 billion worldwide and became a major Oscar contender, earning Phoenix an Oscar for Best Actor.

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Unsurprisingly, the success of Joker sparked discussions about a sequel.” Development of “Joker 2” began in late 2019 when reports surfaced that Phillips and co-writer Scott Silver had begun talks with the studio to return.


Since then, there hasn’t been much of an update on the sequel, as Phoenix said he wasn’t sure if there would be another movie. The fate of “Joker 2” and other DC movies has been in question again recently after the Warner Bros. merger with DC.

According to the latest media reports, “Joker 2” seems to have made a lot of progress. Todd Phillips is reportedly “working on a Joker sequel” and since he is the director and writer, this could mean that the story of “Joker 2” has been cracked or the script is nearing completion.

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Warner Bros. has not officially announced a “Joker” sequel or given a release date.

According to reports, CEO David Zaslav wants the Joker director to serve as a consultant in Washington, D.C. Previously, Zaslav and Ph. Previously, Zaslav and Phillips seem to have established a good working relationship.


According to previous reports, “Joker 2” is likely to be released soon because Zaslav admires Phillips’ achievements in the first film and wants to keep him in the DC world.

If the “Joker” sequel does return, then all eyes will be on Phillips’ story. Even though Bruce Wayne was just a kid in the first movie, fans will be interested to see Phoenix’s Joker face off with Batman.

In a new report, DC Films indicates that "Joker 2" has received an update

Of course, the idea of Willem Dafoe playing a second Joker in the sequel also generated a lot of excitement.

In fact, no one really knows what the story of “Joker 2” will be at this point, but that could change if the movie continues to make progress.

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