“Halo” Marcus Lehto: This is not the Halo I made

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The “Halo” live-action series authorized by 343 Studio and adapted and produced by Paramount has ushered in the end, and the content of the plot of the show is also controversial.

"Halo" Marcus Lehto: This is not the Halo I made

Recently, the co-creator of the “Halo” game series and “father of Master Chief” Marcus Lehto said in response to a comment on Twitter: “This is not the ‘Halo’ I made.”

Marcus Lehto tweeted: “I’m not sure where the inspiration for this show came from, but it’s so different from the ‘Halo’ I did”.

But Lehto later clarified: “I never said I didn’t like it. It’s very different from the ‘Halo’ I helped make, like it’s from a different universe.”

IGN released a review written for the live-action series and gave it a 7 points, with reviewers finding the ending a bit anticlimactic and disappointing, but the non-stop fight scenes and the emotional resonation with audiences Character characterization is relatively successful.

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