‘Eve’: After ‘Penthouse’, another vulgar drama starts airing in Korea!

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On June 1, a new drama series was released in Korea, which is comparable to ‘Penthouse’, and surprisingly, this one is a new production of tvN.

This new drama is ‘Eve’, starring YeaJi Seo, Byung-eun Park, Sang-Yeob Lee, and Seon Yu. I was looking forward to it before I watched it, but I was surprised when I saw it.


‘Penthouse’ is one of the most villainous Korean episodes in recent years, serving up textbook villainous scenes.

But ‘Penthouse’ is not a bad drama, the story is bloody, and the plot is full of points, and also from time to time to serve the plot of the heart.

After ‘Penthouse’, another dogma drama was born, and ‘Eve’ is a dogma of the highest degree.


The story of ‘Eve’ revolves around the role of Lee La-el, played by YeaJi Seo. When she was young, her father met a group of very bad, very bad people and her father’s company and life were taken away from him.

These bad guys are all powerful people, both big plutocrats and big names in politics. Lee La-el simply couldn’t fight, and she left Korea.


Years later, Lee La-el returns to Korea, where she embarks on her revenge plan, and her first step is to get close to Kang Yoon-gyeom, the Zaibatsu’s well-behaved son-in-law.

She danced a ballet at a kindergarten party and charmed Kang Yoon-gyeom to death and has been hooked on Lee La-el ever since.


The first episode of ‘Eve’ unfolds through two timelines: the present and the past.

Now this timeline, mainly about Lee La-el to implement revenge plans, while the past this timeline, it gradually reveals Lee La-el’s youthful encounters, rendering the atmosphere, so that Lee La-el’s revenge looks more powerful.


The first episode of the content, a big play on editing techniques, in addition to frequent switching in the two timelines, but also deliberately designed a suspenseful plot, the most explosive content at the end of the first episode focused on the output.

Earlier, only the eye contact between Lee La-el and her good son-in-law was seen. And at the end, the whole process of how she captures her good son-in-law’s heart is revealed.


Eve’ story content is very old-fashioned, the biggest highlight is the content is quite strong, and has a certain scale.

As a bad drama, the opening ratings of ‘Eve’ are not high, only about 3.7%, which is lower than expected.

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