“Eve” starring YeaJi Seo and Byung-eun Park premiered, a plutocrat satire about the revenge of a beautiful woman

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On June 2, the first episode of the drama ‘Eve’ has been available to watch on video platforms. The drama is being broadcasted on Korea’s top star TV stations.

When the drama was broadcast on the star platform, it was marked with a “19” symbol, meaning that the drama was of a scale that underage viewers needed to be accompanied by their parents.


The reason why the TV drama ‘Eve’ is worth introducing is that its narrative style and story content is very representative of a current content theme orientation of Korean dramas.

Ten years ago, Korean TV dramas were still doing some so-called extreme breakthroughs in the romance genre. Korean movies at that time, on the other hand, started to move towards more realistic and satirical themes.

As a result, Korean dramas are on a downward trend in terms of viewer ratings. Korean movies, on the other hand, have surged in terms of fan ratings.

It was at this time that Korean dramas began to “cinematize” in terms of subject matter and content.


In recent years, the trend of “cinematization” of Korean drama content has become more apparent. Content that was once part of the movie genre is now being used in drama productions.

A drama like ‘Eve’, a bitter satire on Korean plutocrats and a revenge story of a sultry beauty, used to be part of the Korean film genre.

This time, however, it has entered the genre of Korean dramas. Similar satirical dramas about Korean plutocrats have become a typical “genre” phenomenon in Korean dramas today.

In the drama, Kim Sun-bin witnessed the death of his father as a child by the top tycoons of Korea. In his father’s small company, he had a patented technology that was responsible for the livelihood of the entire company’s employees.

And Korea’s top plutocrat wanted to obtain this patented technology for free through coercion and eventually got Kim Sun-bin’s father killed.

Kim Sun-bin wanted to help herself through legal means, but in the end, even the lawyer who helped her lost her career as a result.

As a teenager, Kim Sun-bin had no choice but to leave Korea and escape to the United States with the financial support of a lawyer friend who helped him.


Years later, Kim Sun-bin has grown up and returned as a young woman with outstanding looks. Kim Sun-bin’s father’s group, Zaibatsu, has become the top export group in Korea.

The head of this company has retired to the background and it is his Kang Yoon-gyeomKang Yoon-gyeom who is currently at the helm of this group.

Apparently, Kang Yoon-gyeom is just a puppet of the Zaibatsu group, and the only daughter of the head of the Zaibatsu is still in charge of life and death.

Seon Yu, in this ‘Eve’, plays the role of the daughter of a wealthy family, and YeaJi Seo, in the role of Kim Sun-bin, who has grown up and returned to revenge.

In the broadcasted episode, Kim Sun-bin used the opportunity of her child’s kindergarten to get close to Kang Yoon-gyeom, a wealthy tycoon, who is the Kang Yoon-gyeom character in this drama.

The flashbacks used in ‘Eve’ are the first to tell the audience the ending of the story. Kim Sun-bin succeeds in approaching Kang Yoon-gyeom and brings this scandal of the Zaibatsu group to light, the stock market of this group shakes instantly and Kim Sun-bin’s revenge plan is realized to some extent.

The main content of the drama is about how Kim Sun-bin approached Kang Yoon-gyeom, how he finally ruined the so-called reputation of the Zaibatsu group, and how this group of gentlemanly scum unveiled their true colors.


For this drama, the audience’s reputation is polarized. First of all, some viewers are satisfied with this picture of the luxurious life of the plutocratic group and the noble family. This is one of the main important points of this type of drama.

Jewelry, luxury goods, expensive clothing, sultry cosmetics, etc., and even a smile of the noblewomen, etc., are likely to form a “small time” type of sultry impact on the general audience.

At the same time, this kind of content, also easy to be considered rotten, is the same old, is even Guo Jingming will shoot.

In terms of the connotation of the drama, viewers who approve of it will consider it a typical satirical drama of the Zaibatsu, which is able to make a bitter exposure of the unkindness of the Korean Zaibatsu and their crimes against the law, and is a very valuable content of the subject matter, stretching the content of the movie back then into a more concrete content of the drama.

The viewers who do not approve of it will think that it is just a cheesy revenge theme under the banner of Zaibatsu, especially for the beautiful women to use their bodies to take revenge, which is basically the ultimate state of cheesiness.


My personal take on ‘Eve’ is that this type of drama represents an important genre for Korean dramas. Korean dramas are trying to be realistic, but they are still only relatively realistic in their own familiar territory, trying to take care of the viewing points.

This kind of plutocratic revenge drama, of course, is full of attractions, but the drama lacks a core “benevolence” core, which is the most noteworthy of Korean drama counterparts.

Throughout this drama, none of the main characters are benevolent, even the sympathetic Kim Sun-bin, whose revenge mode is a shadowy one.

Such dramas are still some distance away from realistic writing. But as an important genre of Korean dramas in recent years, ‘Eve’ deserves some attention.

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