Eskel’s death in “The Witcher Season 2” sparked dissatisfaction with fans of games and novels

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This article involves spoilers on the Netflix live-action series “The Witcher Season 2”. Those who have not watched it, please read this article with caution.

In the second episode of “The Witcher Season 2,” Geralt will visit Kaer Morhen.

Similar to the game, he will meet some other demon hunters, such as Vesemir, Lambert, Coen and Eskel.

Eskel's death in "The Witcher Season 2" sparked dissatisfaction with fans of games and novels

In an accident, Eskel was infected by a monster. At the end of this episode, he had to be killed by Geralt because of a complete mutation.

In the novel, the scarred Eskel survived.

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He also appeared in the game and helped Geralt stage a drunk ladies prank that impressed many players.

Fans don’t buy into the story of Eskel’s death in the live-action drama.

Eskel's death in "The Witcher Season 2" sparked dissatisfaction with fans of games and novels

Why did Eskel die so soon?

“Because people want to know.” Lauren Schmidt Hissrich (the screenwriter of the live-action drama “The Witcher”) replied, “In the early first version of the script, there will be a new witcher that has never been heard of or seen before. So we seriously considered it. , I know that some fans like Eskel and they want to know why we write such a plot. But to be honest, Eskel’s death changed everything in Geralt, and I think it prompted Geralt to figure out what happened to Ciri as soon as possible, because he knew if not In doing so, it is very possible to lose his brothers.”

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In this season familiar to both novel readers and gamers, the moment Eskel is killed by Geralt is very shocking.

Since then, all accidents seem likely to happen. What’s interesting is that the actors also feel the same.

“It keeps us alert,” said Paul Bullion, who plays Lambert. He pretended to look through the script, wondering if he would be killed in the next episode. “Now we feel that no one is safe.”

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