Brendan Fraser: Used to be a super star, but was blacklisted after he said someone violated him

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As the saying goes, “flowers bloom in 100 days”, in fact, countless cases in Hollywood are confirming this point of view. Some people can become popular all over the country with a movie and a song, but after a few years, they gradually become lonely and fall into the second or third echelon, such as the American actor Brendan Fraser, who was a smash hit in the 1990s.

Brendan Fraser: Used to be a super star, but was blacklisted after he said someone violated him

He once became a super-first-line male movie star by starring in the “The Mummy‎” trilogy. He has a great reputation for a while and also has a very good future, but today’s Brendan, not only has his appearance different, but also has only two careers. Can take on small roles sporadically.

So, what has he experienced in these 20 years?

Let’s walk into the story of Brendan Fraser today.

Brendan Fraser’s upbringing

Born in Indiana in 1968, Brendan is the son of a sales consultant, a former foreign affairs officer, and three older brothers.

During his childhood, Brendan often traveled with his father, and this experience developed his keen insight into different peoples around the world, and also laid a good foundation for his later detailed performances.

As a boy, he attended a private boarding school and fell in love with acting for a theater performance, hoping to bring more amazing roles to the audience.


In 1990, he graduated from the Cornwall School of the Arts in Seattle, intending to pursue a master’s degree in acting at Southern Methodist University, but stumbled into Hollywood.

With a sculptural face and a good figure, his career got off to a good start.

Shortly after graduation, he hit the big screen, starring in his first film, “Encino Man,” about the adventures of a caveman in Los Angeles in the 1990s.


Many critics said the comedy was stupid, so it received a low rating.

Later, he went on to star in some lesser-known movies, and the roles he played on the screen were often innocent big boys who were not polluted by the world or even a little silly.

Until 1997, the live-action version of “George of the Jungle” adapted from the cartoon “Tarzan the Ape Man‎” was released. As the starring Brendan, she wore long flowing hair, blue eyes and strong eight-pack abs. , into the public eye.

And he also vividly interprets a man who was raised by apes.


In the end, the film was a huge success, grossing $174.4 million at the box office.

Although he has become a male god in many people’s hearts, the process of filming is undoubtedly difficult. He once said: “I completed all the stunts independently, and I remember being suspended by a crane at a height of 60 feet at the same time. And being able to dive 300 feet at 30 miles per hour. I pretty much admired myself after that scene.”

Two years later, Brendan “won” “The Mummy‎”, a feature film that combines adventure, tomb, action, and fantasy, and is one of the most noteworthy series of movies in the 90s and 00s.


At first, the director sent audition invitations to Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck to find candidates, but they all turned down the role due to lack of schedule.

When the director was in despair, he accidentally saw “George of the Jungle‎” starring Brendan. The director was very satisfied with the latter’s performance in the film, so after discussions between the two parties, Brendan successfully appeared in this drama.

This tough-guy male god did not disappoint everyone, and portrayed the character’s cynical and informal image to life.

After the film was released, it not only earned a global box office of 416 million US dollars, but also made Brendan a global male god in one fell swoop.

Strike while the iron is hot, and in 2001 he brought “The Mummy Returns,” a sequel to “The Mummy‎,” which, despite mixed reviews, was a commercial success — grossing nearly $500 million at the worldwide box office.


He became a hot star in Hollywood, and he participated in many movies after that. Among them, the film and television work “Crash‎” also won him the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Ensemble Award.

But he wasn’t happy about it, because the non-stop acting process made him feel like a horse in “Animal Farm‎”, and his life was constantly working, working, working.

Brendan Fraser’s Lonely Reasons

At the same time, when his career was booming, he unexpectedly disappeared for a long time.

In recent years, he has returned to the public eye to play sporadic supporting roles, and his image has also changed greatly. Compared with his peak period, he is completely different.

In 2018, in an interview, he revealed the reason why he suspected of being “hidden in the snow”.

One is to speak out about sexual harassment.

He said he was publicly harassed by then-HFPA chairman Philip Baker at a 2003 Hollywood Foreign Press Association luncheon.


He said that he was really frightened at the time, and the other party’s hands were stroking his hips. Although the chairman later apologized, he did not think it was a matter of “as the other party said, it was like a joke”.

Therefore, he temporarily suppressed the anger in his heart and coexisted peacefully with the other people at the banquet. After the banquet was over, he finally found an opportunity to express his dissatisfaction with the other party.

But I don’t want revenge to follow, he is not invited to attend major events, and his name is not on the invitation list for the Golden Globe Awards. Overnight, he seemed to be on the “blacklist” of Hollywood.


However, in a later statement to “GQ”, Philip said that the other party’s statement was completely fabricated, but he admitted that he had written to the latter to apologize.

“My apology is not an admission of wrongdoing, but if I did anything to upset Mr Brendan, it was not my intention and I apologise,” he said.

Now that more than ten years have passed, perhaps for others, dust has returned to dust, but in Brendan’s view, no matter how long the time has passed, the damage that has been suffered will never disappear.

The harassment incident also caused him to suffer from mental illness for a time.


On the other hand, acting in action movies all year round also caused serious damage to his body.

It is understood that the shooting environment of “The Mummy‎” was extremely harsh. Brendan nearly died while filming the character being hanged.

According to the recollection of the heroine Rachel Weisz in the film, the tough guy actor stopped breathing after filming the hanging, and was rushed to the hospital before he was able to wake up.

Brendan himself has stated in the film’s promotion that he has been in and out of the hospital during the seven years of filming the series, undergoing many different surgeries, including partial knee replacements, laminectomy and vocal cord repair surgery.


One of the back surgeries to relieve pressure on the spinal nerves was unsuccessful the first time, and he had to do it again a year later.

On top of that, the pressures of life also make Brendan Fraser endure hardships. It is understood that he and actress Afton Smith have three sons, the two met at a barbecue in 1993 and married five years later.

At that time, Brendan was worth as much as $45 million, but he didn’t want to. In 2007, he announced the news of his divorce. According to the divorce agreement, he had to pay his wife $900,000 a year in maintenance.


Misfortunes do not come singly. He suffered a hurricane after less than five years of divorce. When Brendan Fraser cleaned his house and used a chainsaw to move a tree that was blown down by the hurricane, he was suddenly hit on the back by the fallen tree, causing him to be injured while filming. The resulting back wound recurred.

Later, Brendan Fraser underwent back correction surgery and rehabilitation, but during the recovery period he still needed to use a wheelchair and had to put ice packs under his clothes to relieve the pain.

According to media reports, he spent seven years in hospital undergoing surgery, including partial knee replacement, vocal cord repair and a lumbar laminectomy.


All of this also led to his weight gain and the inability to do action scenes. As a result, his acting career plummeted and his income was greatly reduced.

One wave after another, fans noticed that Brendan was in a particularly sluggish state during an interview in 2016.

Afterwards, he told reporters that he was in mourning not long after his mother died, so he was very depressed.


In fact, judging from the list of Brendan’s works, he has not retired from the circle, but there are almost no masterpieces or big-budget movies, and most of them are small-screen works.

He also appeared in the historical mini-series “Texas Rising”, the comic series “Titans”, and the spin-off series “Doom Patrol”.


But when you suddenly find that the boy god is back again, he has changed his appearance, and his abdominal muscles have turned into belly. His eyes are no longer so clear, and even when shooting magazine blockbusters, his face is full of tiredness that can’t be concealed.

However, Xu Shi has already experienced a lot, so he has long not cared too much about his appearance.

Brendan Fraser said: “When I was young, I prayed for success and wanted to play all the challenging roles I could, but now I just pray that I can be worthy of it all.”

It can be seen that his experience is really distressing and regrettable. The actor who might have become a big coffee finally can only settle in Canada’s Avenue of Stars, becoming a childhood memory that only stays in the childhood memories of many audiences. “star.

I hope the actor is safe and healthy and continues to bring more good works.

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