Is Marvel still being backfired after all? ‘She-Hulk’ successfully led the battle

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Marvel is finally backfired? ‘She-Hulk’ draws war successfully, rating sites become venting

Marvel’s superhero universe, since the success of ‘Iron Man’, can be said to be progressing rapidly, successfully live-action their own comic book characters, and the film TV series, and now is directly into the field of television series, but also to create a lot of good reputation of the masterpiece.

However, this time the ‘She-Hulk’ is flipped, I have to say that with the polarization of Hollywood these years Political Correctness, many film and television works have successively flipped, and the perennial walk in the political front line of the comic book, now finally be backfired.

Is Marvel still being backfired after all? 'She-Hulk' successfully led the battle | FMV6

‘She-Hulk’ Leads to Successful Battle

We always see a lot of people in many video sites hate the war message, but this time Marvel itself is the first war, and the controversial issue is also very simple, that is, the “sexism” problem.

The protagonist of ‘She-Hulk’ is female, so it is natural for Marvel to put characters on the female lead, which is actually quite normal.

However, Marvel must be polarized, shaping a successful heroine is not important, but just the first words of the various male characters into vulgar, violent, incompetent and arrogant guys, that is undoubtedly the wrong direction, and then the success of the war (may also be the effect they want it!)

Is Marvel still being backfired after all? 'She-Hulk' successfully led the battle | FMV6

In the past, when we heard “sexism”, the first thing that came to mind was undoubtedly women’s complaints about injustice, which is originally correct. However, many things naturally become tasteless and even polarized when people with bad intentions join in.

When these extreme things are common and even excessive, then it is bound to cause dissatisfaction of the other party, so the conflict arises.

So this time Marvel’s behavior is undoubtedly backfired, and this wave is really using magic to defeat magic.

This also made the rating site a vent for the big fire, and both sides never gave in, and eventually ‘She-Hulk’ managed to stabilize at around 5.9 out of 5 under the fierce battle.

Is Marvel still being backfired after all? 'She-Hulk' successfully led the battle | FMV6

Correctness become a diode

In fact, it is something understandable to have different views on some things, or even to have difficulty convincing each other, but for the creators, this diode behavior obviously does not make sense. Because reality can be illogical, but film and television works are bound to be logical.

From the superhero scriptwriting, in the spirit of who is the main character who is awesome, which is almost always throughout, and gender actually has no relationship.

But the fundamental problem of Marvel lies in order to be correct and correct, making the creation of the script completely ignored a basis, that is, through the demeaning approach to force a character, which will naturally trigger the other side of the dissatisfaction said, from the role of shaping, but also slightly vulnerable.

Is Marvel still being backfired after all? 'She-Hulk' successfully led the battle | FMV6

As an example, the answer to why the clever Iron Man is so convincing is that not only because of his personal charm, but more importantly, he stands out in a crowd of great superheroes.

Iron Man is an ordinary person, using their own wisdom to shoulder the gods, so he is still loved by everyone even if he is not the strongest power.

This has nothing to do with whether he is the first, but he does have his own characteristics and excesses, not only by the likes of men, women also like the same.

She-Hulk, on the contrary, improves himself by belittling other characters, an approach that most people will naturally like, but the pattern is obviously much smaller.

What’s more, the character “She-Hulk” actually appeared in the manga forty years ago, in fact, this character already has a unique charm and popularity base, there is no need to “diode” practice to achieve the so-called correct.

In this analogy, it would be better to say that Marvel’s current approach is like a step backwards.

Is Marvel still being backfired after all? 'She-Hulk' successfully led the battle | FMV6

But overall, Marvel’s work in recent years turned over not once, if only to the extremes, then the good reputation established over the years, good IP, good to build up the superhero film universe destroyed, only not a strange thing.

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