“Blacklight”: Behind Power is Corruption

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Liam Neeson’s action movies have become the same in recent years, and the results of one are not as good as the other. When he switched from feature films to action films, he did create a lot of glorious moments.

But as he gets older, it can be seen from “Blacklight” that he is very old-fashioned, he can’t run very much, and he can’t beat very much, so he can only solve the problem with bullets.

"Blacklight": Behind Power is Corruption

Although the sharp eyes, the choking attitude, and the true character of a tough guy still exist, a lot of movies have the same acting style, and the script is getting less and less clever. His movies have indeed made the audience tired.

From the box office evaluation of “Blacklight” in the United States, it may have been a warning sign. If he doesn’t want to be reduced to a point as tragic as Bruce Willis, it may be time for a transformation!

In “Blacklight”, Liam Neeson plays the unofficial secret agent of the FBI, doing some shady deeds for the director in the form of “outsourcing”.

"Blacklight": Behind Power is Corruption

He originally thought that everything was for national security, but he did not expect that after a secret witness who had served as an undercover agent appeared, he learned that the director had assassinated ordinary people in private, in order to eliminate dissidents and achieve political goals.

So he had to come forward and try to expose all this!

"Blacklight": Behind Power is Corruption

The whole plot follows the line of a political thriller and action film, and the tension and conflict in the first half have at least a basic appearance. It’s a pity that the ending of “Blacklight” was too simple and became the biggest failure.

“Blacklight” also ignores the high-level government’s ability to admit wrongdoing, thinking that if he collects evidence to force him to admit it, he will really admit it. All I can say is that this script is too naive.

In fact, for a movie that “just watch it during weekend killing time, and forget it after watching it”, this movie has gunfights, car chases, conspiracies, and all the entertainment effects that it should have achieved a basic skill.

“Blacklight” looks a little better overall than a B-movie, but not quite as good as an A-grade production.

"Blacklight": Behind Power is Corruption

But compared to Liam Neeson’s other recent films, this movie isn’t too good, but it’s not too bad either. At least “Blacklight” is guaranteed not to be as bad as the online reviews say.

The content of “Blacklight” exposes the corruption behind power, and the essence of politics is the ugliness of human nature. The film uses the hero’s sense of justice throughout the plot, and uses the media as the “fourth power” to reveal the truth at any cost.

Although the film is overly idealized, the power of the high-level government is restrained and cannot do whatever they want, and the people also have a certain degree of power to supervise the government. This is the value of a democratic society.

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