Behind the scenes of “Mission: Impossible” challenging crazy stunts, why have to admire Tom Cruise?

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The “Mission: Impossible” series of films are famous for their increasingly crazy stunt work.

However, I believe many people will be curious, as Tom Cruise gets older, why does he try so many crazy stunts?

In fact, several elements in the context of the series can explain this.

Following the success of “Mission Impossible 6”, “Mission Impossible 7” will also be released soon.

Behind the scenes of "Mission: Impossible" challenging crazy stunts, why have to admire Tom Cruise?

Judging from the behind-the-scenes photos of this movie, the weird stunts and action scenes of this movie will become more and more crazy.

Don’t forget, there will be an eighth movie in the future. It can be said that the development trajectory of the series is always moving in this direction.

As early as 2000, “Mission Impossible 2” had surpassed many Hollywood movies in terms of special effects.

Behind the scenes of "Mission: Impossible" challenging crazy stunts, why have to admire Tom Cruise?

At that time, Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, performed a solo performance on the cliffs of the desert.

In addition to the second movie, in the movie “Mission Impossible 4”, Ethan Hunt is also doing special tricks for Tes.

He is climbing the tallest building in the world wearing gloves.

In fact, what I said is only in addition to some of the more memorable special effects in this movie.

In fact, in the development of this movie, I always break through myself every time and put in some bigger special effects.

Behind the scenes of "Mission: Impossible" challenging crazy stunts, why have to admire Tom Cruise?

In this regard, the “Mission Impossible” series is very similar to the previous “Fast and Furious” series, each of which strives to surpass the previous one.

It is undeniable that the two films have completely different methods to achieve this goal.

The special effects and action scenes of the “Mission Impossible” series still respect concepts such as physics and gravity.

However, the “Fast and Furious” series is more like a superhero movie.

Despite this, Ethan Hunt’s adventures have become more extreme one after another, and this is largely due to the executive producer of the series.

As we all know, Tom Cruise is a famous person who is not afraid of challenges, especially in the “Mission Impossible” series, he insisted on completing the stunts by himself.

This makes Ethan Hunt the most iconic character of Tom Cruise.

Even though, he has participated in so many blockbusters.

If Ethan Hunt did not fly on the roof, did not jump from 500 feet, then this is probably not the “Disc 7” as we know it.

After all, in so many blockbusters in Hollywood, it is estimated that only a few actors like Tom Cruise himself have personally challenged these difficult stunts.

Especially considering that in a superhero movie, behind a superhero actor, there will be many stunt actors.

And Tom Cruise himself completed these challenges alone. For this alone, I have to admire him.

In addition to the “Mission Impossible” series, Tom Cruise’s action scenes of challenging death can also be seen in his other film careers.

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For example, “Top Gun: Maverick” we will see this.

However, in the “Mission Impossible” series of movies, one by one, his incredible stunt performance is the most prominent.

In short, this movie is like its title.

I believe that in the future “Mission Impossible” movies, Tom Cruise will go crazier and he will surpass himself even more.

After all, as Tom Cruise said, this is his own mission, and he constantly surpasses himself.

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