Anna Boden has high expectations for “Ahsoka Tano‎”, and “Star Wars fans” have high demand for works

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Due to the huge span of time in “Star Wars”, after Disney bought the creative rights of the film, the “Change Boss” Star Wars TV series also experienced twists and turns.

However, “Star Wars fans” did not lower their requirements, especially after Disney acquired Lucasfilm, “Star Wars” fans became more dissatisfied with big companies.


Especially after Kevin Feige became the producer of the sequel to this classic series, people are more nostalgic for the “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” era of movies.

Fans who attended the celebration were holding photos that were basically still from “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace‎” or “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith‎”.

Since “Star Wars: The Force Awakens‎”, fans’ dissatisfaction with the film has grown. Anna Boden’s point of view has some truth. The requirements of these fans are high, and “Star Wars fans” have also prompted the “Star Wars” feature film to be more complete.


Anna Boden was known for her “Captain Marvel” and “Mrs. America‎” gave her her career breakthrough. She talked about the growing number of female filmmakers entering the Star Wars genre, the superhero franchise.

Although female directors and screenwriters are still in a disadvantaged position in terms of numbers, Anna Boden believes that female filmmakers are more creative in sci-fi films, which is a very potential group.

Deborah Chow was the director of “Obi-Wan Kenobi”. Anna Boden hopes that Deborah Chow can become a role model for female filmmakers in Star Wars films, but Deborah Chow is more looking forward to the release of “Ahsoka Tano‎”.


When this series entered the shooting stage, the general content structure and development trend had been guessed by “Star Wars fans”. After all, this single-player series still exists to highlight the main film and explain the mystery left by the main film.

In Anna Boden’s view, Disney has secured the creative rights of the “Star Wars” film, which is conducive to the development of Disney Channel in the era of streaming media.

Although the channel includes the broadcasting rights of many series and movies, whether the quality of these works is high depends not only on the real level of the movies and TV series, but also on the fans’ requirements for the movie.


Fans are more demanding. In fact, the harder it is for the work to meet everyone’s expectations, the “quality” will also decline amid the voices of dissatisfaction.

I also agree with this statement. Many people say that although the ratings of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker‎” are okay, the reputation of this film is not very good, which leads passers-by to think that the “Star Wars” feature film is not very good. Quality declines.

In fact, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker‎, in terms of horizontal comparison, the film’s values ​​and quality are very good, but the requirements of “Star Wars fans” themselves are too high, which leads to deviations in the evaluation of the outside world.

Anna Boden has high expectations for "Ahsoka Tano‎", and "Star Wars fans" have high demand for works

The opinions of fans are very important. If the film industry can absorb the thinking and attitude of the audience, the works will show a more colorful appearance.

And Anna Boden also believes that in the era of global epidemics, due to the easy changes in the release of films, it has become commonplace for large-scale film companies to lose money.

How to minimize the loss of the film, big companies have to listen to everyone’s opinions. Therefore, Anna Boden emphasized that the requirements of “Star Wars fans” are high, which is a forward-looking suggestion.

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