Animated Comedy Movie “The Bad Guys”: Bad Guys Want to Be Good Guys

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“The Bad Guys” is an animated comedy film to be released in 2022. It is adapted from the famous best-selling fairy tale book. It has sold more than 16 million copies worldwide and has been on the New York Times bestseller list for more than 120 weeks. The hottest fairy tale book ever.

The Bad Guys in the novel are mainly composed of Mr. Wolf, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Snake, and Mr. Shark. The movie is not shot in the order of the novel, but concentrates and adapts the essence of several episodes.

Animated Comedy Movie "The Bad Guys": Bad Guys Want to Be Good Guys

But the story also focuses on how “The Bad Guys” reverses the public’s evil impression of them and starts from a new beginning to be a good person who everyone loves!

The Bad Guys and Despicable Me

“Despicable Me” is a huge success both at the box office and word of mouth. The combination of various IPs and the launch of peripheral products have also resulted in excellent results.

Animated Comedy Movie "The Bad Guys": Bad Guys Want to Be Good Guys

Making the bad guy the protagonist in the animation seems to be a successful SOP.

This allows audiences who have been tired of growing up and inspirational stories to have a new viewing experience. Everyone seems to like to watch the contrasting stories of reforming the evil and returning to the right, and putting down the butcher’s knife.

“The Bad Guys” does exactly that, assembling a group of animals that look bad, but are actually cute and lovable.

Animated Comedy Movie "The Bad Guys": Bad Guys Want to Be Good Guys

I thought that the characters in the film were not impressive in terms of visual appearance, but the character setting of each animal is very full and attractive!

The Bad Guys story setting is super interesting

“The Bad Guys” is good at reversing and playing with everyone’s stereotypes about various animals. It was originally thought that “wolf”, “spider”, “shark”, “snake”, ” Piranha”, but has such a cute and lovable side.

No one is born to like being alone, and who doesn’t like being liked by others? What a blessing it is to have someone who loves you and someone you love.

However, this group of them, who are regarded as bad people by everyone, since no one likes them, they have to continue doing things that everyone doesn’t like.

Animated Comedy Movie "The Bad Guys": Bad Guys Want to Be Good Guys

In addition, the healing “Professor Marmalade” guinea pig is good at using his cute and harmless appearance to secretly do all kinds of filthy deeds!

“The Bad Guys” is like the animated version of “Ocean’s Eight‎” and “Now You See Me‎”. It is full of cool and handsome scenes in the process of crime, and the magical stealing methods make people watch Must be applauded.

The plot of “The Bad Guys” takes a twist, with many unexpected twists.

Although the story is often evil, it is difficult for anyone to say exactly what the final ending will be. No one can predict who will secretly keep a hand, and who will hide a surprise in a certain detail. It is impossible to guess until the last moment. !

Animated Comedy Movie "The Bad Guys": Bad Guys Want to Be Good Guys

It was originally thought that “The Bad Guys”, which was adapted from a fairy tale book, would be a very “family-friendly” animation. It is a parent-child movie suitable for parents and children who are only about 10 years old to watch together.

But it is unexpectedly exciting. The story develops climaxes one after another, interspersed with many funny and cute jokes, with a happy and bloody soundtrack, and a surprising reversal plot, which makes people completely addicted to watching.

Looking forward to “The Bad Guys” being a big hit at the box office, I hope there will be a chance to release a sequel or spin-off in the future, continue to expand the entire worldview, or see more interesting “villains”!

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