‘Avec amour et acharnement’ starring Juliette Binoche is set to hit theaters July 8 in Northern America


The film “Avec amour et acharnement” (Fire), directed by renowned director Claire Denis and starring actress Juliette Binoche, has announced the release date for Northern America.

It is understood that the film will be released on July 8. This also reflects the confidence of the producers in the film from the side.

'Avec amour et acharnement' starring Juliette Binoche is set to hit theaters July 8 in Northern America

“Fire” is adapted from the novel “Un tournant de la vie”. Writer Christine Angot has been active in the French literary world for many years. Her novels have been controversial for their bold scales, taboo themes and strong autobiography, and have therefore become the preferred partner of film and TV writers.

“Fire” is Claire Denis’ second adaptation of Christine Angot’s novel after “Un beau soleil intérieur‎”.

The film’s story focuses on a love triangle in which middle-class French couple Sara and Jean are glued together, but Jean and Sara’s ex-husband François was once a business partner.

After falling in love with Sara, the two left their partners and reunited.

Sara’s betrayal of the year cut off the friendship and cooperation between François and Jean. A risky business decision made Jean go to jail, while François escaped.

Over time, their passions are worn away.

Finally, at an opening dinner, Sara met her former love, François, and her heart suddenly surged again.

At the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year, the film won the Best Director Award, and this is the first time Claire Denis has participated in the Berlin Film Festival and won an award.

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