“Run”: A masterpiece of textbook level that “creates” tension

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Before, I was completely amazed by the movie “Searching”. The superb shooting technique is really amazing.From the poster and introduction of “Run”, I can see that it is a film directed by director Aneesh Chaganty and is also a thriller theme, so I am looking forward to it.

The story in “Run” is quite simple. It is a girl with mobility impairments. Suddenly, she finds that her mother seems to have been disadvantageous to herself, so she tries to get rid of her mother.

The movie theme is as simple as the title-“Run”!

“Searching” has a complicated story background and a layout in the game.

This movie is different from it. The story is simple and straightforward. It “creates” tension for you in just 90 minutes.

Of course, the movie is not made to “create” tension, it can be said to be a classic that is both tense and domineering.

"Run": a masterpiece of textbook level that "creates" tension

Such an excellent method of “creating tension”, apart from the previous work “Searching”, it is estimated that there is only “Don’t Breathe”.

The scenes of the movie are not afraid of clichés, as long as the audience is useful, catch one by one and escape, the story is as simple as that.

The two heroines “fight” each other in the room, and the process of creating tension is rule-based, which also meets the needs of the plot.

Part of the plot is even quite “brain-burning”, and you will surely applaud it secretly.

"Run": a masterpiece of textbook level that "creates" tension

Like “Searching”, Aneesh Chaganty knows how to capture the emotions of the audience, and also knows what kind of shots and pictures he produces to present to the audience.

There is no need for the abrupt “Jump Scare”. Only a computer, a phone, and a wire are enough to make people feel nervous. People are sitting on pins and needles, just want to shout to the heroine: “Run!”

"Run": a masterpiece of textbook level that "creates" tension

Chloe, a young girl suffering from many diseases, has been dependent on her mother Diane for many years, studying and receiving treatment at home, and leading a simple and beautiful life.

One day, Chloe found out that the origin of her medicine was unknown, and under closer inspection, she gradually discovered that her mother was hiding an ulterior secret.

I began to doubt the relationship between myself and my mother. However, it is difficult for me to move, and it is difficult to leave the mansion for investigation…

"Run": a masterpiece of textbook level that "creates" tension

Although the story of “Run” is simple, the movie is full of tension

Less than ten minutes into the movie, there was already a “massive material”, and then almost every minute and every second there was a tense plot.

Previously, Aneesh Chaganty used a “desktop movie” method and a complicated case to make “Searching”.

The foreign media claimed that the ending of the movie was very unexpected, and I thought he would make another complicated reversal this time.

"Run": a masterpiece of textbook level that "creates" tension

Who knows, the ending of the movie is not difficult to predict, the story is also very simple, not even the story.

However, the most exciting thing is how he creates tension.

The 90-minute movie describes how the girl gradually discovers secrets, but she has to investigate and escape the control of this evil mother with limited mobility.

“Run” does not have a lot of exaggerated action scenes. It is more about how the girl uses her wisdom in a critical moment to find a chance to escape in a limited space, and then play psychological warfare with the evil mother.

To a certain extent, the movie can be regarded as a secret room, and the whole movie takes place in a mansion for most of the time.

But just a few rooms, a staircase, good use of the geographical environment and good settings are enough to create a lot of very tense scenes, so that the audience can not hold their breath and go on adventures with the heroine.

"Run": a masterpiece of textbook level that "creates" tension

As it is a thriller movie, it is not difficult to imagine that there will be a lot of times when it “creates tension.”

For most of the movie, I knew that the director was “creating tension,” but he completely followed his design and got caught up in it.

Unlike similar movies, the protagonist is too clumsy, everything is too coincidental, and the plot is too anti-intellectual. All the links of “creating tension” are fully in line with the needs of the plot and the character of the character.

In the middle of an escape scene, while creating tension while using the wisdom of science and physics, you can’t help but sigh in secret that “creating tension” can be so “smart”!

The overall plot of “Run” is simple, but the details are tightly linked, and the layout is also very elegant. I can’t help but think of the same kind of masterpiece “Don’t Breathe” released in 2016.

"Run": a masterpiece of textbook level that "creates" tension

The same is the case of several characters fighting wits and courage in a big house. The plot is not complicated at all, but the tension created is also reasonable.

I thought that “Run” would eventually fall into the stereotypes of similar movies, exaggerate or end unreasonably.

Unexpectedly, in the end, not only can it justify itself, but the last shot of the ending is even more pleasant, and the 90-minute editing is just right.

“Run” is so nervous that it is reasonable and reasonable, which is definitely done by a master

Many B-level horror movies can “create” tension wantonly, but like this movie, it is necessary to make tension reasonable and use movie language to the fullest.

In “Searching”, Aneesh Chaganty has perfectly embodied his breakthrough genre film skills. He can take traditional investigative themes and shoot new visions that have never been seen before.

Even in the “desktop movie”, the skills and narrative skills of traditional movies have not been lost.

A typical “closed room, trapped animal and fighting” type movie, as long as it constantly creates tension and constantly “scares” the audience, it is already quite good.

However, the director did not intend to go in this direction and made a similar movie of the same kind, but instead played a psychological thriller.

"Run": a masterpiece of textbook level that "creates" tension

The whole “Run” doesn’t use the sound effect Jump Scare. “Evil Mother” keeps appearing, and it doesn’t surprise you suddenly.

Like “Searching”, the director is good at using the camera to narrate, just like the scene where the heroine goes online, a shot has created the desired atmosphere.

From the light, the action of the heroine, to the cut into the background of the camera, nothing needs to happen in the whole process, and it can speed up your heartbeat and achieve the effect of “scaring yourself”.

Just like the heroine making a call, the camera is constantly moving back and forth between the phone and the window. A long telephone line supplemented by precise editing is full of tension.

If you change places, you will probably be as anxious as the heroine.

The truth of many plots does not need to be fully revealed at once, and the audience can know what happened with a little patience.

"Run": a masterpiece of textbook level that "creates" tension

For example, the mysterious liquid of the heroine “drinking water” and the “ultimate battle”, the film first reveals a little clue to create suspense, and then allows the audience to resonate with the heroine.

The surprising truth does not need to be revealed all at once, and the suspense and tension are slowly built up. You can even reveal the truth all at once when you almost forget the “clue” and what the two heroines are going to do.

The director’s method of influencing the audience’s emotions is extremely clever, which has been confirmed again after “Searching”.

Movies of the same type do not need to follow the same routine, solve puzzles and create excitement in the same way, but can bring new surprises to the audience.

Sarah Paulson’s performance is a guarantee of the quality of thriller movies, and the performance of newcomer Kira Allen is also very brilliant

From the “American Horror Story” series to “Ratched”, and M. Night Shyamalan’s “Glass”.

"Run": a masterpiece of textbook level that "creates" tension

Sarah Paulson is almost the queen of horror movies, and the image of “crazy woman” is even more popular.

The role in “Run” is obviously her masterpiece, as if tailored for her, playing a control freak mother with dark secrets hidden behind her.

There is no need for acting on facial expressions, just a few emotional fluctuations in the inner battle, showing a full of evil, even the eyes and eyebrows are drama at the end, it is estimated that Oscar will at least give her a nomination.

The heroine Kiera Allen, who plays her daughter, played this important role in her first performance.

Since the character’s lower body can’t move, it depends on rich facial expressions to interpret it.

"Run": a masterpiece of textbook level that "creates" tension

Faced with unacceptable truth scenes in the middle, she is the only one performing most of the time.

In the absence of many lines, she only relies on her superb acting skills to drive the audience into the play. I wonder if this film can make a stand in Hollywood?

All in all, the film title of “Run” is concise and clear enough to express the essence of the story.

“Run” doesn’t have too many reversal plots or complicated layouts. It’s just two women fighting wits and playing psychological warfare. The 90-minute rhythm is bright and there is no coldness.

Director Aneesh Chaganty keeps “creating” a sense of tension, but it is reasonable. This movie can be called a new classic in thriller movies, and it can also be said to be a teaching material for film academy.

The 90-minute editing is just right, and Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen’s acting is quite amazing, which also makes “Run” more visible.

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