“Nobody”: “low version” of “John Wick”

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Many people still remember that in “John Wick” John Wick killed the killer organization for a dog.Saul, the coquettish lawyer, told everyone again, don’t snatch his little daughter’s cat bracelet if it’s okay.Because you never know a middle-aged man who looks wimpy, what fire is holding in his heart.When he said he was just a “Nobody”, things might not be that simple.

Today I recommend a hardcore action film “Nobody” to everyone.

The whole film is only 90 minutes, without any muddles, and it’s just a word of “cool”!

"Nobody": "low version" of  "John Wick"

The score is pretty good, the freshness of rotten tomatoes is 82%, and IMDb is 7.5 points.

The film is starred by the well-known “coquettish lawyer” Thor, Bob Odencock, for which he has done physical training for two years.

"Nobody": "low version" of  "John Wick"

“Hardcore Henry” directed by Ilya Nesul, and “John Wick” screenwriter Derek Korsta wrote the script.

Affected by the epidemic, Keanu Reeves’s “John Wick” part 4 will not be released until 2022.

And this “Nobody” can be called a “low version” of John Wick’s story.

"Nobody": "low version" of  "John Wick"

Whether it is the production team, story trend, or action style, they are all in the same line. It seems that the investment is low, but it is a pleasant “weekend special” cool film.

The summary of the story of the whole film can be said in one sentence:

The protagonist Hutch is a retired agent killer who washes his hands in the Golden Basin. He wants to spend a little time peacefully, but in order to protect his family and children, he has to go out of the arena and kill him.

How is it, do you smell the familiar “John Wick” + “Taken”?

Hutch’s life was originally calm as a pool of stagnant water.

There is no challenge in his work. He and his wife have long lost their passion, and a pillow should be placed between the beds to separate them.

The son ignored him, and his wife only said one word to him every day, “You missed the garbage truck again.”

"Nobody": "low version" of  "John Wick"

Only the youngest daughter is an intimate little padded jacket, who is closest to him.

One night, two “male and female robbers” broke into his house and robbed him with a gun. He had originally held up his golf clubs to fight back.

"Nobody": "low version" of  "John Wick"

But because the thief hijacked his son, he chose to admit counsel, which disappointed his wife and children, and became a laughing stock of neighbors.

In his office, he locked the door and chatted with a “mysterious man” on the radio.

He said lightly that the pair of “male and female thieves” were actually novices, and they didn’t even carry bullets in their guns.

Not only did he see the model of the gun, but he could even see that the gun hadn’t fired for a long time.

In fact, it wasn’t that Hutch couldn’t beat it that day, but that it was unnecessary to start it.

This makes the audience very curious, what is the origin of the male protagonist?

One night, the youngest daughter found out that her cat bracelet was missing, which ignited the anger in Hutch’s heart.

Take my money? Endure it! Take my watch? Endure it! Punch my son? Endure it!

It’s unbearable to snatch my baby girl’s toy!

In order not to be looked down upon, Hutch decided to let his darkness pass to awaken, and retaliate.

He successfully found the “male and female thief”, and when he was about to pull the trigger, he found that they had a baby who was waiting to be fed, and wearing an oxygen mask, as if he was sick.

Hutch feels soft, it turns out that they are also poor people forced by life.

Failing to get revenge smoothly, Hutch is holding back his anger and has nowhere to vent.

Coincidentally, a group of small gangsters got on the same bus with him, and the moon was black and the wind was about to molest the girls.

The power accumulated in the film broke out for the first time, and the bus war officially started.

In this confined space, the male protagonist unloaded the bullet from the barrel and fought with his bare hands, personally showing what it means to be “fist to the flesh” and “too fist”.

In the close hand-to-hand combat, Hutch did not have the advantage at the beginning, after all, it had been too long since the fight, and the real pain made him excited.

He was even thrown out of the car window by the gangster, it didn’t matter, he got up from the slag of broken glass, and he could still fully open it.

In the end, this battle with more than one enemy ended with Hutch’s injury.

After the fight, he didn’t forget to slit the throat of the most injured bastard and plug in a straw.

"Nobody": "low version" of  "John Wick"

Don’t get me wrong, he is not trying to quench his thirst by drinking blood. This is a simple life-saving operation to prevent the wounded from being choked to death by blood.

This badly injured gangster turned out to be the younger brother of the Russian gang boss Julian.

Julian is not easy to provoke. He acted cruelly and quickly sent someone to touch Hutch’s details. He didn’t expect that the actor was also not a good stubborn.

Hutch’s information was blacked out and kept secret in the Pentagon’s inquiry system. The little girl who was so scared to help find the information ran away, even without the salary.

"Nobody": "low version" of  "John Wick"

Julian issued an order to kill him and chased him directly to his home.

Hutch settled his family in the basement and told his wife “never call the police”, and then began the battle alone.

It is a pity that he is outnumbered, stunned by his opponent, and his hands are handcuffed and stuffed into the trunk of the car.

Later, he broke his thumb abruptly, took off his handcuffs, and took out the fire extinguisher in the car to cause a car accident. Only he survived.

In order to protect his family from being hunted down, he lit the house with a fire and settled his wife and children. This was determined to fight the gang to the end.

His father, who lives in a nursing home, was also targeted by gangsters.

Although the old man is old, he was also an FBI agent before. When he encountered the danger of coming to chase and kill him, the old man was simply agile and killed two assassins by himself.

The sound of beating and killing alarmed the nursing staff in the nursing home, and the nursing staff reprimanded his father, “Keep it down on TV!” No one thought he was really killing someone.

Hutch began to brew the final battle.

He killed the gangster’s lair, burned hundreds of millions of stolen cash and many collections of art from the boss, and provoke the boss face to face.

He dared to be so crazy, of course not unprepared.

He bought the warehouse where he used to work, installed all kinds of secret weapons, and finally came a good scene of closing the door and beating the dog.

In the ultimate battle, the “mysterious man” who talked to him fell from the sky. This was his old partner, and “daddy” did not hesitate to join the battle.

The old partner first came with one shot and exploded three heads, and the old man also made no mistakes.

The three people joined forces in an instant, and they enjoyed the thrill of fighting in the rain of bullets.

This scene even sees Wu Yusen’s violent aesthetics.

Obviously it was a killing, but he saw the serial dazzling skills like a stage performance, romantic and happy.

The various fancy organs in the house are dazzling. The enemy is beaten to the ground and blown into the sky.

One of the best shots is that when the old partner runs out of bullets, Hutch throws the gun at him.

The montage lens is fixed on the gun, and it turns around in a cool manner, and the audience is deeply immersed in this protagonist’s perspective.

"Nobody": "low version" of  "John Wick"

Finally, Hutch used bulletproof shields with explosives to blow up the gang boss, full of coolness, and fantastic imagination!

The actor keeps saying that he is “Nobody”, then who is he?

Obviously his background is not small, but his posture is calm and gentle.

He called his identity rather obscure, but he was actually the official killer of the FBI.

He gave class to the gangsters, sat in line, listened to brother talk about the past, and then burned it down.

In the end, he killed the Russian gang and was still in the mood to feed the cat while undergoing interrogation. Sure enough, a “mysterious man” soon kept him okay.

Revenge films depicting the violent nature of ordinary people have been very popular in recent years, and have even become a dark horse in small and medium cost genres.

“Nobody” copied the “John Wick” and “The Equalizer” modes and succeeded again, combining the three elements of middle-aged tough guy + family theme + cool action film.

When I think about it, the stories of this kind of movies are actually full of routines.

As the protagonist of “Nobody”, he must be inconspicuous at the beginning, and then suddenly broke out, to fight against the people who bullied him before, and even use one as ten, completely open and hang.

The greater the contrast, the happier the audience watched.

Because of the setting of “retirement killer” and “retirement agent”, the common protagonist “self-growth” in revenge movies has been omitted, and it has become a blockbuster.

Since they are all routines, why are they still popular with everyone?

First of all, because it’s cool! It is said that “retirement killer re-employment”, of course, the action scene can be designed to be as exciting as possible.

In this “Nobody”, the action scene is so simple and straightforward, venting violent emotions unscrupulously.

Secondly, because the audience is easy to substitute and resonate.

The middle-aged tough guy Jinpan washes his hands and comes out again, usually for his family. This is simply a universal reason that cannot be refuted.

For example, Liam Neeson is a “strongest dad on the surface” who coexists with both fists and wisdom. He plays for his family every time he plays.

"Nobody": "low version" of  "John Wick"

In reality, when we are bullied, we can only swallow our anger.

Which audience who has suffered a mid-life crisis doesn’t want to have a fight like this, and doesn’t want to be a hero in the hearts of their families!

Finally, I want to say, if there is a sequel to this “Nobody”, how to break out of the routine?

Some netizens put forward this idea: the cat in Hutch’s hand can kill the dog of John Wick’s family.

Then the two groups of retired killers retaliated against each other, and then it was discovered that somebody was instigating it.

Who do you think will win in the end?

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