John Wick:Chapter 3

Movie Review

After the end of “The Hunger Games”, it was almost at the top of major Hollywood studios/ Lionsgate never offered a handy (series) blockbuster-the half-red “Divergent” and “Now You See Me”, Disastrous “Power Rangers” and “Gods of Egypt”-until a John Wick popped out of the cracks in the stone.

The “John Wick” series, nicknamed “Returning My Dog’s Life”, has activated the audience’s fond memories of the early 21st century brought by “The Matrix and Keanu Reeves.” The highly admirable high-level action design, the glamorous unique world view, the low-to-medium-level production cost, the stylized photography, and the characters tailored for Keanu Reeves are also reminiscent of the last century. In the 80s and 90s, CG and fast editing were not used for the time.

Just as “Mad Max” triggered the trend of wasteland movies, “John Wick” has also ignited the enthusiasm of the industry. Even director David Reach himself will not let go of copying successfully in “Atomic Blonde”. Great opportunity. What’s more surprising is that the sequel works of “John Wick” not only rarely meet the high standards set by the predecessor, but also expand its unique cinematic universe.

John Wick, who came to Chapter 3, still did not stop his speed. The subtitle “Preparation” spoiled the ambition to develop more sequels. Following the “Infinite Warfare” opened at the end of “John Wick2”, “John Wick3” continues to innovate in addition to the still high-quality and efficient action arrangement, making the story of the movie more and more away from the constraints of the real world. And these kinds of attempts are exactly what makes this series unique.

“John Wick”, which surpassed all-round action movies of the same level, has become a miracle of Hollywood that is indulging in political correctness: there are no social issues that are forced into it, and there is no cartoon violence that is independently regulated for classification. The excellent quality and box office performance of “John Wick” gave adult audiences another chance to be excited about the film.

The greatest contributors to this achievement are series director Chad Starsky, photographer Dan Rostiesn who focuses on medium-cost art-oriented films, and art director Kevin Kavanagh, who finally serve the audience. With countless amazing visual effects and stunts, it has also raised the new benchmark that the entire series has created for action movies.

Although the movie is still short on the introduction of stories and new characters, for a movie with countless high-quality action scenes, good action design can play a more important function than lines. Because no matter how elaborate the dialogue is, it will only interfere with the shock of the library wars and the end credits war. And Keanu Reeves, who has martial arts skills, with a poker face full of Don’t mess with me, gave full play to all the charm of John Wick. So that after 130 minutes, the story that stopped abruptly not only did not make the audience feel tired, but also made people look forward to the eager chapter 4. In terms of supporting roles, although Harry Berry, who is responsible for raising dogs, has contributed to the film’s performance above the level since the “comeback” period, the most stunning female roles are Aisha Kate Dillon and Angeli Card Houston. The latter ballet footage is one of the most brilliant non-action shots in the film.

Five years have passed, and the low-cost action film “John Wick” is far more refreshing and clean than the many special effects movies of these years, and it is more commendable. Chapter 3’s brilliant visual effects, creative scene and action design, even if it is not the highest level of the series, there is no significant decline.

This alone makes “John Wick3” truly comparable to the first-line blockbuster, and even in some respects, it is not inferior to the level of “Avengers”-this is for audiences who have not waited for a high-quality action movie for many years. That is undoubtedly a great thing.

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