“Casablanca”: Known as the greatest war-time love story in film history

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“Casablanca”: Known as the greatest war-time love story in film history, I don’t allow you to have never watch it.

A woman who has lost her husband goes to Paris to relax, and meets a man who makes her bewitched again.

But just when the two were planning to leave Paris together, the woman’s ex-husband came back from the dead.

After thinking about it, the woman decided to give up Xinhuan.

Unexpectedly, a few years later, a woman meets a man again, and facing fate gives her a chance to choose again. How will she choose this time?

"Casablanca": Known as the greatest war-time love story in film history

The woman’s name is Ilsa, the man’s name is Rick, and the woman’s husband is Victor.

The story of Victor’s comeback is like this.

During World War II, Victor was the leader of the Czech underground movement against fascism and was unfortunately arrested.

Soon after her husband was arrested, Ilsa received the news that her husband had been killed, so Ilsa really believed that her husband had passed away.

Later, she met Rick in Paris and fell in love with him.

Just when she was about to leave with Rick, Victor suddenly appeared, and Ilsa’s plan was completely disrupted.

When the dead lover came back to life again, Ilsa would certainly not remain indifferent, let alone leave him because of another man when he needed him the most.

Whether it was from an emotional or moral point of view, Ilsa couldn’t get away.

But doing so completely hurt Rick.

Rick was heartbroken, he went to Casablanca alone to open a bar, living a life that is not close to female, mysterious and melancholy.

"Casablanca": Known as the greatest war-time love story in film history

In the shadow of the war, Rick’s bar has gradually become more complicated, all because of the special location of Casablanca where the bar is located.

It is located in the northern part of Morocco, and in 1941 it had not yet completely fallen into the hands of the Germans.

People can travel to the United States to escape the war as long as they have a pass card issued by the authorities, and Ilsa and Victor also came here with this purpose.

It is destined that Rick and Ilsa will meet again.

The members of the Victor organization selected the pass-through point of the pass in Rick’s bar. Just before the connection, the situation changed.

The Nazis got the news that Victor was fleeing Europe and immediately searched the bar.

Before being caught, the joint staff eagerly hid the pass card in Rick’s bar.

"Casablanca": Known as the greatest war-time love story in film history

And the connector person sent by Victor was Ilsa. Rick recognized Ilsa at a glance.

The love-hate intertwined feelings flowed silently between the two, but in the end they could only break up unhappy.

Rick got the pass, but he didn’t want to give it to Victor for obvious reasons.

Victor will leave with Ilsa after he gets the pass. Rick is not generous enough to watch his ex and his rivals fly together without care.

Although Ilsa tried to explain to him the reason for breaking the appointment, he also said that as long as he gave Victor the pass, he would stay with Rick.

Ilsa exchanged the pass on his own terms, making Rick even more annoyed. Doesn’t this mean that in Ilsa’s mind, Victor is more important than him.

"Casablanca": Known as the greatest war-time love story in film history

But when Rick saw Victor, he changed his mind.

Rick was deeply moved by Victor’s impassioned temperament and the fearless spirit of sacrifice for his faith.

He felt in Victor what he had always yearned for, justice, freedom, faith, sacrifice, and loyalty.

In the cruel and dark age of war, like all ordinary people, Rick yearns for freedom and peace more.

I also understand that for this day to come, the world needs a hero like Victor, and Victor needs Ilsa.

So in the end Rick managed to send Victor and Ilsa on the plane to the United States, choosing to leave the aftermath.

This story is the movie “Casablanca”, known as the greatest movie in film history, there is no one.

After watching it, I felt it was a very touching movie.

The lingering love takes place in the age of war. The love, hatred and hatred of men and women are closely linked with the fate of mankind, and people can’t help but sigh.

"Casablanca": Known as the greatest war-time love story in film history

When it comes to greatness, I feel that there are two points that move the audience.

The first is sometimes to give up but get.

Rick fulfilled Victor and Ilsa, but he got Ilsa’s heart forever.

Fall in love but can’t stay together, but separate but unswervingly. This kind of love is really heartbreaking and exciting.

The second is between little love and big love, Rick chose big love.

As a commoner, in order to realize the common ideal of peace, Rick abandoned his love.

The image of Rick, who knows the righteousness and the spirit of sacrifice, suddenly rises, making people feel sorry for the love between him and Ilsa and at the same time cherish high respect for him.

Although the movie “Casablanca” shot in 1942 is a black and white film, it is hailed as the greatest movie in the industry.

So I don’t allow you to have never watched this thrilling and sad and moving love movie.

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