Man on Wire


On August 7, 1974, between the 110-story (about 412 meters) two towers of the World Trade Center in New York, the 25-year-old French acrobat Philip Petit was kneeling on a steel cable across the sky. Or lying down, sometimes walking slowly and sometimes dancing, and completed a stunning move that lasted 45 minutes.

However, the action of walking around the top of the cloud is Philip, with the help of his friends, after careful investigation and planning, breaking through layers of levels, unconsciously “criminal”. Philip was taken to court for violation of American law. Under the pressure of public opinion from the media on the court, he was only slightly punished.

Doubts and incomprehension flooded him at the same time. People ask: Is it worth it to put your life on such a dangerous and useless thing? Philip said: If I die, what a beautiful death, to die for the exercise of your passion!

In fact, isn’t life just such a process of constantly finding a fulcrum and maintaining balance? Find what you love, then go after it without hesitation!

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