The latest concept poster of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, Thor gets new equipment, and new villains have news!


Foreign gods have specially made some concept posters of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, let’s take a look! The latest concept poster of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, Thor gets new equipment, and the new villain has a clue!

In the above poster, we can find some changes in Thor. The most obvious is his figure, it seems that Raytheon has successfully lost weight. In addition, Thor’s new costume is very personal and very handsome. In the background of the poster, we also found some clues to the villain, namely Gao Tianzun and Horse Face Thor. If these two are villains, Thor will be difficult to deal with.

The second concept poster showed us some of Sol’s new equipment. In the picture above, the most striking is Thor’s golden Thor’s Hammer and Storm Axe. The possibility of Quake’s reappearance should be small, because the setting of time hijacking will not appear randomly. However, the golden gloves in Raytheon’s hands are a bit eye-catching. Has Thor found the artifact? In fact, in the original Marvel, Thor also has a similar device called Iron Gloves, whose main function is to enhance Thor’s ability to swing weapons for a long time. So, what is the role of golden gloves?

The concept poster describes something incredible for us. Although this is just some of the creativity of netizens, it does not rule out the possibility of appearing, because in the previous “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame”, many poster scenes created by great netizens have been realized in the movie .

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