“The In Between” Starring Joy King Releases Official Trailer

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The romance film “The In Between” starring Joey King (“The Kissing Booth”, “The Act”) has released a trailer and announced its release date: February 11, which will be available on streaming media Paramount+.

A supernatural love story of a girl looking for her dead boyfriend, if there is an afterlife…

“The In Between” stars Kyle Allen (“The Map of Tiny Perfect Things”, “West Side Story”) as the male lead and is directed by Arie Posin (“The Face of Love”).

The film tells the story of Tessa, a young girl who has been in various foster families since she was a child, who does not believe that she can have love.

But when she meets the boy from the neighboring town, the romantic Skylar, everything changes, and she begins to open up.

However, unforeseen circumstances, Skylar died in a car accident, and Tessa, who survived, began to hope for the “afterlife”.

With the help of her best friend and the belief that “true love never dies”, she wants to “connect” to Skylar one last time and give their love story a great ending.

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