Romantic Comedy “Meet Cute” Starring Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson Releases Official Trailer

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Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson starring in the romantic comedy ‘Meet Cute’ released the official trailer, the film is about if you can go back to your loved one’s past, heal their wounds, solve their problems, and turn them into the perfect partner, What would you do?

In the new trailer for Meet Cute, we meet the very cute Sheila (Cuoco) right in the middle of her time loop, unbeknownst to Gary (Davidson). Sheila has already been meeting and wooing Gary for a while now, but to her credit, she’s willing to come clean about it, though Gary is understandably skeptical that his date is “from the future.” “It started as an accident, then I fell in love with you,” she tells him romantically. “And this time, I am gonna make it work.”

The fun thing about Meet Cute is that it makes its own rules regarding the time loop. When Sheila travels through time via tanning bed (not dissimilar to Diane Keaton’s character in Mack & Rita, oddly enough), there’s apparently still another past version of herself running around—one whom Sheila is forced to violently dispatch.

When Gary wonders why she didn’t kill Hitler, Sheila responds that she “did take out Smitson.” (“Who?” he asks. “Exactly,” she volleys back.)

More importantly, the trailer highlights how messed up it is when one person in the relationship has the power to go back and erase all the mistakes and hurt of the past. “This never happened with the old Gary,” Sheila frets, after admitting she “just wanted to change a couple things to make you more perfect.”

Gary is not entirely thrilled to hear this from his new lady friend, even with her supposedly altruistic motive of alleviating his pain. “If you erase the pain, you erase the person,” says the sage owner of the time machine.

“Meet Cute” will go live on Peacock on September 21.

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