Horror film “Fear Street 2” revealed the official trailer

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Continue on July 2nd “Fear Street” Netflix releases the trailer for the second part of the trilogy “Fear Street 2”.

This series is based on the teenage horror novel “Fear Street” and directed by female director Leigh Janiak.

There are more than 100 books in the “Fear Street” series, written by R. L. Stine, the author of “Goosebumps”.

The story takes place in a dark town in a fictional city, where ordinary teenagers will encounter vicious and sometimes supernatural opponents.

Netflix's horror film "Fear Street 2" revealed the official trailer

The second part tells that time came to a dark town in 1978. The school will be closed for summer vacation, and the activities of the Night Wing Summer Camp will be launched soon.

However, another resident was brutally possessed and murdered. The sunny happy hour suddenly turned into a terrible battle for survival.

“Fear Street Part Two: 1978” will be launched on July 9, and the last one will be launched on July 16.

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