“Kingdom”: What is the scale? Nonexistent!

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Speaking of Korean zombie dramas, the first thing that comes to mind in everyone’s mind is “Train to Busan”.

Since then, South Korea has been out of control in the excavation of zombies.

No, this time they played even more fun, and directly turned the zombie movie into a costume drama! The scale is bigger and the volume is longer!

And also attracted a big gold master, Netflix.

"Kingdom": What is the scale? Nonexistent!

The TV series played by Netflix must be a boutique, you know, this is Netflix’s first original Korean drama-“Kingdom”

If you don’t say Netflix is ​​stunned, six episodes are released in one breath, which is very enjoyable to watch.

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It can be seen that Netflix has made a major contribution to the lineup this time.

Director Kim Seong-hun, who directed a movie background, “A Hard Day” and “The Tunnel” are all his works.

"Kingdom": What is the scale? Nonexistent!

In Xiao Tiantian’s opinion, this time he took the 6 episodes of “Kingdom” as three movies to shoot, the effect is remarkable, full of film quality.

Every frame is comparable to a blockbuster movie, which is thrilling to watch.

Of course, in addition to the control of the screen, the script did not dare to be sloppy. The screenwriter was written by Kim Eun-he.

You may not be familiar with this name, but you must have heard of the phenomenal drama “Signal” created by her.

"Kingdom": What is the scale? Nonexistent!

In the cast, Ju Ji-hoon+Bae Doona)+Ryu Seung-ryong are both popular and powerful national actors.

In addition to the three leading actors, there are also gold medal green leaf actors such as Kim Sang-ho and Heo Joon-ho.

From the leading role to the group acting of various power factions, it can be called a fairy configuration.

Just ask, why not look at this configuration? You can watch ten times just with this full title.

“Kingdom” is adapted from the comic “The Kingdom of the Gods” created by screenwriter Kim Eun-he himself.

"Kingdom": What is the scale? Nonexistent!

It tells about the decline of the ancient Joseon kingdom due to corruption and famine in the 15th and 16th centuries. After the king’s death and resurrection, a strange plague appeared in the country.

A mysterious plague spreads, and all infected people become zombies!

In order to save his people, Wang Shizi, who bears the name of treason, cooperated with the medical girl to investigate the matter, trying to find a way to fight against the zombies and the evil forces hidden in the dark.

Although the title of the film is “Kingdom”, it is a pity that although the Korean kingdom’s surname appears on the surface, it is actually the Cho family holding the power.

In order for the queen of the Zhao family to give birth to a son.

"Kingdom": What is the scale? Nonexistent!

Zhao’s father and daughter lied that the king was seriously ill, but in fact they used the grass of life and death to forcibly turn him into an immortal monster.

During the day, he was unconscious, and he ate and drank blood at night.

When talking about zombies, human nature is indispensable.

From the beginning of “Train to Busan”, there has been a saying that human nature is more terrifying than zombies.

In this film, too, there are not only fragments of people eating people.

Especially the metaphor of “cannibalism” of politics and power, this film almost achieves the ultimate in “self-blacking”.

"Kingdom": What is the scale? Nonexistent!

For example, this quiet lake is full of palace people who were killed by the zombie king.

But the big boss of the Zhao family, who was full of greed, calmly admired the lake view and said:

“How many corpses can fit under the water? I tell you, even if it is filled with corpses, no one will object to me. This is power.”

Seeing this, the audience was trembling, who could have thought of this seemingly calm palace garden.

In fact, they were all palace corpses who were killed by the king and sank to the bottom.

"Kingdom": What is the scale? Nonexistent!

When the king of the country was turned into a zombie, the ministers only wanted to protect themselves.

Zombies are rampant, and local officials are still drinking and having fun.

When the town was occupied by zombies and the refugees ran to a nearby town to take refuge, the officials ordered the door to be closed tightly and shot arrows at them.

The kingdom’s system is like a rotting fishy zombies.

The corrupted imperial power, the poor and hungry people, and the ravages of the “zombie virus” are more like a metaphor.

What is the difference between the tragedy of cannibalism and the cannibalistic society?

But it’s all purgatory on earth, who can save whom?

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