“Hacks” Review: When a Poisonous Female Boss Meets a garrulous Assistant

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HBO Max recently had a very well-received new show, “Hacks,” about comedy stars. This play is a black comedy, with a lot of laughs, but there will be some unexpected plot twists, and it will suddenly become heavy.

The protagonist of the story is an outdated comedy actress and her young writers.


Holmes Dobson Deborah Holmes Dobson is a long-established old-school comedy star who has a regular show in a Las Vegas casino.

She lives in a mansion with servants, and she is surrounded by assistants when she comes in and out. She travels on a private jet, which looks very beautiful on the surface.

But in fact, Holmes Dobson Deborah Holmes Dobson’s performance is getting harder and harder to attract audiences, and there is no one around her with her eccentric temper.

Young comedy writer Ava had a fairly successful career, but a cross-border joke on social media cost her all her job opportunities in an instant.


The two have a common agent, and with the agent’s strong coordination, Ava agreed to go to Las Vegas and try to write for Deborah.

Their first meeting quickly turned into a joke attacking each other, but it was because of this that Holmes Dobson Deborah Holmes Dobson realized that Ava was a malleable talent, and their collaboration began.

The main conflict of the play is quite obvious.

Deborah is a successful woman who will do anything to achieve her goals, so she has been called bitch by countless people. She is most concerned about her own work, and does not care about the feelings of others.

Ava is a typical self-confessed millennial snowflake young man who supports Bernie Sanders, shows how woke she is all the time, and doesn’t care about PCs or not.


Working with the outspoken Deborah made her uncomfortable, but secretly she couldn’t help but admire him and slowly began to learn from him.

This kind of story routine of a successful woman and a silly little assistant is not new at all. “The Devil Wears Prada‎” more than ten years ago is still a classic that is constantly being mentioned.

The reason why this can become an independent genre is that on the one hand, there are only a few works with two female protagonists, and successful women and successful men face very different situations in real life or in literary and artistic works.


Of course, the combination of this play is still innovative in this inherent routine.

Ava is not the kind of innocent assistant who doesn’t know the world. She dares to go straight to Deborah, but she is very clear that she is really a legend in front of her.

The generation gap between the two is also an important story point.

Comedy works are often very time-sensitive, and Deborah’s biggest nightmare is that she is really outdated, so she needs young people like Ava.


However, in the communication between the two generations, the issue of the generation gap appeared and disappeared, which not only stimulated the contradiction between the two, but also became an opportunity for the two to deepen their understanding.

In “The Devil Wears Prada‎”, the heroine Miranda said to the little assistant Andy, don’t judge me from a high place, and don’t think I’m ruthless, you want to be me in your heart.

This is the biggest theme of the movie. Of course, in order to force a happy ending, Andy didn’t really become Miranda.

In this play, in only the second episode, the desperate Ava chose to completely violate his usual rules, won the opportunity to continue working for Deborah, and said through the mouths of other characters, “You are the same as that bitch.” if.


In this kind of story, in the end, the two learn from each other, and it is difficult to say who has changed who. It could even be said that, despite the generation gap, Ava and Deborah gradually realize how similar they are.

Holmes Dobson Deborah Holmes Dobson uses comedy acting as a defense mechanism, while Ava uses comedy as a way to heal trauma.

But in the end, both of them are using comedy jobs to fill the gaps in their lives.

Although the two heroines were both called “psychotic bitches”, they were not annoying, and the interaction between the two was very good, and golden sentences were frequent.


And I want to boast that this drama is different from most comedy dramas in that some of the jokes in the drama are really funny.

In many comedy TV series, the characters tell jokes or perform jokes that make people think, “What’s so funny about this?”

Although this drama is not a joke, it is really good compared to similar themes.

It is a pity that the show did not have an official title until the end of February this year, and then in order to be broadcast before the Emmy nomination deadline on May 31, it was hurriedly launched almost without publicity.

"Hacks" Review: When a Poisonous Female Boss Meets a garrulous Assistant

For such a high-quality work, it is a pity that it has not been known by more people.

In addition, the two heroines of the show really have something to say, Jean Smart will not mention it. In the just-concluded hit drama “Mare of Easttown”, although she didn’t make many appearances, she was a highlight every time. Her entire career There are too many good works in life.

Although Hannah Einbinder, who plays the assistant, is a newcomer herself, her mother is Laraine Newman, the first cast of SNL.

This drama Season 1‎ has only ten episodes in total. It has been broadcasted and the quality is very high. HBO Max has renewed Season 2, so it is highly recommended to watch it.

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