“Wolfwalkers” premiered at Shanghai Film Festival


Oscar-nominated animation “Wolfwalkers” premiered at Shanghai Film Festival, “Irish Legends” trilogy ushered in the final chapter.

Directed by Tom Moore and Rose Stewart, the pure hand-drawn animation film “Wolfwalkers” created by the Irish Animation Studio Cartoon Salon for five years will be released in mainland China on July 3.

A few days ago, the film’s premiere event was held at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Producers Zhang Shuo and Yang Ying came to the scene to communicate with the audience after the screening and shared many behind-the-scenes stories about the film’s creation and production.

The Irish Ambassador to China Ms. Andavin also attended the premiere.

“Wolfwalkers” tells the encounter between Robin and Miba, two girls from different worlds. From this, love and trust are born in the magic forest, opening the story of the legend of Wolfwalker.

This is also the final chapter of the Irish legend trilogy following “The Secret of Kells” and “Song of the Sea” by Cartoon Salon.

In the post-screening communication session, the producers Zhang Shuo and Yang Ying shared the story behind the scenes and creative inspiration of the film, as well as interesting things that were not known during the early creation of the project:

“In order to get inspiration from the hand-drawn images, the director browsed through a large number of ancient Irish books and prints, extracted lines and patterns, and used them in animation. The screen followed the geometric design and golden section composition of the first few masterpieces of the Cartoon Salon.

The original script creation is still very different from what is now presented. We made a more metaphorical treatment of the background of Robin and his father coming to the town, and the story highlights the main line of the encounter and collision of two girls from different worlds. “.

“The Wolfwalker team is a very loving and warm team. During the awards season, the creators were unable to participate in the on-site awards due to the overseas epidemic.

So everyone organized an online event party, which even became a new tradition during the epidemic.

Everyone will give awards online, and our director Tomm also won the best bearded team during the epidemic.

In short, this is a film created by many pure and warm artists. We are proud of it and believe that the audience can also feel the ingenuity and love in the film. “

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