Why does Henry Cavill no longer play Superman?


The British actor (Henry Cavill), who is immersed in a sweet romance, may not be able to play (Superman) again, but will be transformed into another screen hero, starring in the new movie version (Highlander).

He revealed that he liked this series of films very much when he was a little boy, and he also joked that he called himself a plot need, and began to study how to wear a kilt.

35 years ago, (Christophe Lambert) and (Sean Connery) played immortal “Highlanders” in Highlander. They could only be beheaded by the same kind to take their lives and gain the energy of the dead, otherwise they could not be killed by other outsiders. Lead to a series of suspenseful murders.

Due to the popularity of the audience, not only several sequels were filmed, but they were also adapted into TV series. As Hollywood continues to remake old masterpieces in recent years, Highlander has also been photographed long ago. The filmmaker is currently finalizing Henry Cavill and the (John Wick) series director (Chad Stahelski).

Henry’s handsome appearance is very convincing to play a heroic character. His role as “Superman” has won the support of many fans. However, the film company has plans to prepare a black version of Superman, and he may not be able to continue to play this role.

Although it is not known that he is reinterpreting Christopher Lamb’s actor in the original Highlander or the newly edited role, Christopher used to have long hair, Scottish costumes and short hair in the film, and wear modern The two styles of the trench coat happen to be Henry’s appearance in the Netflix series (The Witcher) as a long-haired swordsman. Both ancient and modern styles can’t be bothering him. He confessed that he was quite excited, and he was obviously unable to put on the Superman’s cloak anymore. He was somewhat made up for by Highlander.

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