Warners Sued for Simultaneous Release of ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ on HBO Max and Theaters!


“The Matrix Resurrections” Australian co-producer Village Roadshow Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros., alleging its decision to release on HBO Max and theaters at the same time was a breach of contract!

“Warner Bros.’ sole purpose in advancing the release date of ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ was to use the blockbuster to drive much-needed HBO Max premium subscriber growth,” the plaintiffs said. This choice was made despite any financial gain the brothers and their affiliates would enjoy.”

The complaint also alleges that Warner Bros.’s strategy caused “The Matrix Resurrections” to fail at the box office, which did serious damage to “The Matrix” as a whole.

Warners Sued for Simultaneous Release of 'The Matrix Resurrections' on HBO Max and Theaters!

Generally speaking, the poor returns of movies will greatly affect the additional investment in the short term and the shooting of sequels and derivative data.

In addition, the producers also said that the release of HBO Max contributed to the spread of pirated resources, further reducing the film’s box office.

And Village Roadshow Entertainment said it didn’t get “The Matrix Resurrections” on HBO Max.

Warner Bros. then responded, stating that “Village Roadshow Entertainment brought this lawsuit in an attempt to evade contractual commitments and avoid last week’s arbitration, which was sloppy. We have no doubt that the final outcome of this case will be in our favor.”

Warners Sued for Simultaneous Release of 'The Matrix Resurrections' on HBO Max and Theaters!

In fact, this is not the first case of a movie studio being sued for simultaneously streaming a movie.

Last year, Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit against Disney for breaching the contract against the simultaneous streaming of the personal film “Black Widow”, and the two parties finally reached a settlement.

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