Warner Bros. Rumored to Consider Recasting ‘The Flash’ Cast! Ezra Miller’s version of the film won’t be remade


Previously, we reported that “The Flash” star Ezra Miller was reported to the police for as many as 10 times while in Hawaii, and was arrested by the police for two charges of disturbing social order and harassing others.

After the news broke, many “The Flash” fans also demanded that Warners should consider replacing the “controversial” actor.

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A few days ago, according to media sources, a person familiar with the matter revealed that Warner Bros. is considering replacing Ezra Miller with Dylan O’Brien (“Teen Wolf‎”) to become DC’s new The Flash in the future, but it has not confirmed whether it will make up for “The Flash”. .

Variety senior entertainment editor Adam B. Vary tweeted that Warners would not consider replacing Miller in the “The Flash” movie.

He said that the film, which was completed months ago and that Miller will play multiple versions of Barry Allen, would mean reshooting almost the entire film.

Warner Bros. Rumored to Consider Recasting 'The Flash' Cast! Ezra Miller's version of the film won't be remade

At present, Warner Bros. has not made a final decision on the matter.

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