‘Uncharted’ beats expectations at the box office


Analysts had predicted “Uncharted” would gross more than $30 million in its first week at the box office on Thursday.

Friday’s box office numbers showed “Uncharted” grossing $45 million to $50 million in its first week, well above expectations.

'Uncharted' beats expectations at the box office

Sony Pictures’ “Uncharted” brought in $15.4 million Friday in 4,275 theaters across the U.S., with Tom Holland leading the North American box office again after “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

Despite only a B+ from critics (B on the Nile and a B- for The Matrix reboot).

Similar to critic ratings, “Uncharted” has a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, but audience acceptance is high.

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The film’s overseas box office is currently only 22 million US dollars, considering that the production cost of the film is as high as 120 million US dollars, there is still time to return.

'Uncharted' beats expectations at the box office

Disney/Fox’s “Death on the Nile” collected more stars, but within two weeks of its release, it grossed less than $30 million in North America and $41.41 million overseas.

Sources say the film cost $90 million, with a significant portion of it going to pay stars.

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