‘Turning Red’ Launches Spinoff Comic ‘Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red: 4*Town 4*Real: The Manga’


Pixar’s new film ‘Turning Red’ launched a derivative comic “Disney and Pixar’ s Turning Red: 4*Town 4*Real: The Manga” (manga that is, the style may be more on the Japanese comic), the main character is the film’s superhero male group 4*Town (members Jesse, Tae Young, Robaire, Aaron T, Aaron Z). Robaire, Aaron T, Aaron Z), the cover and persona figure also revealed ↓


The comic, written by Dirchansky and drawn by KAlfee, will be released by Viz Media in the second quarter of 2023.

Synopsis: Chronicling how Canada’s #1 boy band spent the day before their mammoth Toronto concert, the five enjoy a rare moment of leisure in between their busy schedules: Jesse and Tae Young get artistic and visit a ceramics museum, fashion kid Aaron T goes shopping at the mall, and Aaron Z and Robaire stay in the dance studio to practice their dance moves. Only the real 4*Townies (the group’s fan name) got to be this close to Tween Beat magazine’s “Hottest Band of the Year”!


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