“Tomb Raider 2” released a new dynamic! Alicia Vikander: I hope the film is on track


The filming of the game adaptation film “Tomb Raider 2” has been stagnant for several years.

During the “Tomb Raider 2”, although the script was rewritten and the director was changed, there has been no shooting dynamics.

A few days ago, in an interview, the film starring Alicia Vikander said that she very much hopes that the film can get on track as soon as possible.

"Tomb Raider 2" released a new dynamic! Alicia Vikander: I hope the film is on track

Alicia Vikander said: “I was very excited when the producer said that he was interested in shooting a sequel. I went to see Misha Green’s previous films and was extremely impressed. I was very excited to have a female director about the same age as myself. , Can sit and work together. We discussed action scenes, stunts. I hope we can get on track quickly.”

Although “Tomb Raider” is a large-scale IP, the word-of-mouth and box office performance of game adaptation movies in recent years has not been good, which has also put considerable pressure on the producers.

The new version of Tomb Raider focuses on the new young version of Lara.

At the age of 21, she was just a fledgling rookie. After experiencing a stormy shipwreck, Lara Croft drifted to an unknown island.

But here, she is not alone, she must try to survive…

Tomb Raider is a characteristic action-adventure game developed by the British company EIDOS.

The background of the game is the protagonist Lara. When her father died at the age of eighteen, she inherited the estate of the Croft family and the title of earl.

Since then, her name has been closely linked to 16 major archaeological discoveries in the world, and Lara Croft has risen to fame.

In 2001, the game was adapted into a film and put on the screen.

But after the two, they disappeared.

In 2018, the new version of “Tomb Raider” was restarted, and the reputation was average.

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