Time and space reverse! “Last Night in Soho” reveals the latest art poster


Recently, the thriller “Last Night in Soho” starred by Anya Taylor‑Joy, Thomasin McKenzie, Matt Smith and others have exposed the latest art posters.

This poster uses the “reverse the world” to express the theme of “the same scene in different time and space” that appears in the movie story.

Time and space reverse! "Last Night in Soho" reveals the latest art poster

Outside the cracked glass window pierced by bullets, the neon lights on the street corner are shining, and the back of a mysterious man is full of questions.

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In “Last Night in Soho”, the lives of two girls who have worked hard in the big city for more than 60 years are edited together.

They all seem to have discovered the unknown side of the city of London.

It is reported that “Last Night in Soho” will be released on October 29.

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