“The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar”: Wes Anderson’s New Film Expands Cast, Rupert Friend Will Join The Crew


After confirming the cast of Benedict Cumberbatch, Dev Patel, Ralph Fiennes and Ben Kingsley, Wes Anderson’s new film “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” has once again confirmed the addition of an actor.

It is reported that Rupert Friend will join the crew.

"The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar": Wes Anderson's New Film Expands Cast, Rupert Friend Will Join The Crew

A source said that the role of Rupert Friend will be one of the protagonists in the film.

After Rupert Friend joined the crew, the cast of the film has been basically determined.

From the perspective of the overall lineup, “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” continues Wes Anderson’s usual tradition of big names getting together.

The film started in a low-key manner in London this week, and according to the rhythm of Hollywood films, the film is expected to be completed by the end of April.

“The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” is based on a novel by fairy tale master Roald Dahl.

The novel tells the story of a gambler named Henry Sugar. By accident, he gained the ability to see through objects and predict the future.

With this ability, he has won a lot of money in casinos.

But money didn’t make him happy, and he turned to charity, hoping to build the best orphanage in the world.

It thus started the wonderful journey of being hunted down by casinos and gangsters, going to Hollywood to find the best makeup artist for disguise, and running around the world in various capacities.

Judging from this story, the whole film will have the framework of a fantasy adventure drama.

But in the details of the story, there may be a hint of dark style. In addition to directing, Wes Anderson will also write the screenplay for the film.

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