“The Silent Sea” was exposed to plagiarism, it caused controversy worldwide


Recently, South Korea’s latest science fiction drama “The Silent Sea” was launched.

This work is not only novel in subject matter, but the background of the story is set on the mysterious moon. Under the recommendation of many well-known bloggers, many netizens went to watch this play specifically.

But who would have thought that the “plagiarism” scandal was exposed as soon as “The Silent Sea” started broadcasting.

"The Silent Sea" was exposed to plagiarism, it caused controversy worldwide

In the huge entertainment circle, “plagiarism” is the most frequently mentioned topic.

Not only the entire industry sneered at this, it even caused many disputes, and cases of plagiarism litigation abound.

Especially after entering the Internet age, plagiarism seems to become easier.

Let me summarize the plot of “The Silent Sea” first.

"The Silent Sea" was exposed to plagiarism, it caused controversy worldwide

The male protagonist played by Kong Liu received a top-secret mission from the Korean Aerospace Agency, asking him to lead a team to the moon to retrieve important samples from the ground space station.

But what exactly the sample is, the space agency did not give a clear statement.

After several people arrived successfully, it was discovered that all the personnel in the space station were dead and turned into a group of unconscious zombies.

In addition, the strange phenomena in the sample room and the mysterious external biological signals seem to be foreshadowing, but seemingly simple tasks are actually dangerous.

It has to be said that the ability of TV series to produce film effects is enough to see the production level of the Korean film and television industry.

"The Silent Sea" was exposed to plagiarism, it caused controversy worldwide

Coupled with the rarity of the subject matter, it goes without saying that this is another drama with great potential this year.

So, why did such a high-start work involve the “plagiarism” scandal?

Attentive viewers discovered that the plot setting of “The Silent Sea” in South Korea is similar to the “Doctor Who” filmed in the UK 12 years ago.

Indeed, many netizens came to the conclusion after analysis that South Korea itself has never landed on the moon, and it is indeed impossible to make such a realistic science fiction drama.

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The only explanation is that the level of science and technology limits the screenwriter’s imagination, and he can only learn from the results of others to improve his own script. To put it bluntly, it is blatant plagiarism.

"The Silent Sea" was exposed to plagiarism, it caused controversy worldwide

After the news spread, heated discussions soon formed among Korean film and television circles and netizens.

Regardless of the industry, plagiarism is a dishonorable behavior.

Therefore, the reputation of “The Silent Sea” began to decline rapidly, and even the starring Yoo Gong was greatly negatively affected.

What do you think about the plagiarism rumors of “The Silent Sea”?

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