“The Silent Sea”: South Korean sci-fi TV series starring Doona Bae & Yoo Gong releases character posters


The Netflix science fiction Korean drama “The Silent Sea” starring Doona Bae & Yoo Gong and Joon Lee released a character poster.

This is also Yoo Gong’s second appearance in Netflix series after the hit “Squid Game”.

“The Silent Sea” is based on the short film of the same name, and the short film director Hang-yong Choi continues to direct it.

The drama was produced by Korean artist Woo-sung Jung, and Eun-kyo Park wrote the script.

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The story tells the story of several elite astronauts flying to the lunar research base to recover a mysterious sample when the earth encounters full-scale desertification in 2075.

Kong Liu plays the captain Han Yoon‑jae, Bae Doona plays the biologist Doctor Song Ji‑an, and Lee Jun plays the engineer Captain Ryoo Tae‑seok.

“The Silent Sea” will be launched on Netflix on December 24th, with 8 episodes in total.

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