The sci-fi movie “Dune 2” is progressing smoothly, the script is almost complete


“Dune 2”, which is close to the official shooting, has recently exposed a new development dynamic. It is reported that the script for this much-anticipated sequel is nearing completion.

Although there is still some finishing work to be done, it is no longer far from the start of the film.

According to director Denis Villeneuve, his plan for the second installment is to bring the entire “Dune World” even further to the audience.

The sci-fi movie "Dune 2" is progressing smoothly, the script is almost complete

Denis Villeneuve said: “The plan of the first film is to let people accept the world, and the second film can let people understand the world further. In fact, the pressure of making two films is similar, but we are still preparing for it. Among them. The script has basically been written, and there are still some finishing touches to be done.”

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From Villeneuve’s rhetoric, it is not difficult to see that he is very looking forward to the sequel to “Dune” on the one hand, and is extremely confident on the other hand.

It is also reported that in the sequel, the film’s story will focus on Harkonnen’s name.

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“Dune” is adapted from the Hugo Award and Nebula Award-winning works of the same name. Its cosmic-level narrative dimension, epic-level personal growth process, and complex character relationships and political wrestling have all pushed this novel into a “magic work” status.

In addition, the filming of “Dune 3” has also been put on the agenda. According to the plan, the North American release time of “Dune 2” is set for October 20, 2023.

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