The romantic comedy “Marry Me” changes its release schedule, and it will be launched on streaming media simultaneously


The comedy “Marry Me” co-starred by comedy veteran Owen Wilson and actress Jennifer Lopez has changed its screening schedule.

It is reported that in the brand-new plan, “Marry Me” will simultaneously land on theaters and streaming media on-demand platforms. The specific release and online time of the film is February 11, 2022.

It is reported that the producer made this adjustment because under the influence of the epidemic, a movie was released in theaters, and the box office prospects were worrying.

The romantic comedy "Marry Me" changes its release schedule, and it will be launched on streaming media simultaneously

Therefore, in order to quickly increase the popularity of the film, Universal made the decision to simultaneously launch “Marry Me” on streaming media.

According to the current plan, “Marry Me” will land on the Peacock platform under Universal’s.

As a film veteran, Owen Wilson has been against the big screen for 3 years. His last movie was “Wonder” in 2017.

And Jennifer Lopez is developing smoothly. In 2018, she starred in “Second Act” and also produced “Good Trouble” as a producer.

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“Marry Me” is adapted from the picture novel of the same name. The story tells the story of a pop superstar who upholds the idea of ​​”the show will continue”, dating and marrying a man at will.

After the two people get married, whether they can get along happily or whether the marriage will end quickly depends on whether the fate between the two people is close.

Although the story seems to be a bit old-fashioned, the highlight of comedy lies in the performance of the actors.

Moreover, it is not difficult to see from this story combination that “Marry Me” will be a story about strong women and weak men in the plot.

Therefore, Jennifer Lopez, who plays the true character, may not have much room to play, while Owen Wilson has more room.

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