‘The Purge 6’ Script Written, Frank Grillo Returning


Speaking of Frank Grillo may be a lot of fans will be confused, but if you have seen the comic book movie by Captain America beaten ‘Crossbones’, then the film’s villain is naturally no stranger to.

'The Purge 6' Script Written, Frank Grillo Returning | FMV6

But if you’re a fan of the ‘The Purge’ series, then you’re certainly familiar with Frank Grillo, as he starred in the second and third films in the series, the fifth film in the series was released in 2021, and now the sixth film is coming.

Frank Grillo in ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ as urban vigilante Leo Barnes and loved by fans, according to Frank Grillo recently revealed that ‘The Purge 6’ script has been written, the new film of the series will be Frank Grillo as Leo Barnes as the core of a new round of stories.

In addition to Frank Grillo’s return and starring role, James DeMonaco, director of the first three films in the series, will also return to direct ‘The Purge 6’.

'The Purge 6' Script Written, Frank Grillo Returning | FMV6

‘The Purge’ has been released since 2013 and although fans have had mixed reviews of the series, it has not affected the series to continue.

Although the 2021 release of ‘The Forever Purge’ is seen as the last film in the series, it is clear that Frank Grillo told fans that the series is not over and that the annual crime will continue.

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