“The Northman” IGN 8: A Fantastic Viking Revenge Story


The media evaluation of the Viking-themed film “The Northman” has been lifted, and IGN gave the film 8 points of praise.

"The Northman" IGN 8: A Fantastic Viking Revenge Story

Rating: 8 points excellent

"The Northman" IGN 8: A Fantastic Viking Revenge Story

“The Northman,” a fantastical Viking revenge saga that avoided bloodshed, is a delightful one.

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Overall review:

Robert Eggers’ Vikings revenge saga “The Northman” plunged headlong into dreams and hallucinations of loss, but its storytelling slowed as it became a cookie-cutter traditional-to-Hollywood narrative. Therefore, it is not so “revengeful” that it is easy to make the audience feel castrated.

However, due to the rhythmic music and the excellent performances of the actors, the film can still guarantee the audience’s perception to a certain extent.

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