The new “Willow” Official Teaser Trailer, it’s coming to Disney+ on November 30th


Warwick Davis returns as Willow Ufgood! Produced by Lucasfilm and remade from director Ron Howard’s eponymous work “Willow”, the TV series will be released on Disney+ on November 30 this year.

The original film tells the story of Willow, a diminutive Nelwvn clan, who accidentally picks up a baby girl who can destroy the magic of a witch, and undertakes the mission of escorting the baby to the Castle of Justice.

Although the journey was far away, and the witch also sent elite soldiers to hunt down and kill along the way, fortunately, with the help of the tribe warrior and two goblins, Willow finally escorted the baby girl to the destination unrelentingly.

The new "Willow" Official Teaser Trailer, it's coming to Disney+ on November 30th

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