The new dynamic of “Enola Holmes 2” cast, Helena returns to the crew


A few days ago, “Enola Holmes 2” produced by Netflix revealed a new dynamic.

In addition to the original actors “Little Enola Holmes” Millie Bobby Brown and “Super” Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter will also return to the crew and continue to play the original role.

The new dynamic of "Enola Holmes 2" cast, Helena returns to the crew

In the original work, Helena Bonham Carter played the role of Mrs. Holmes, the mother of Enola Holmes.

Her role is not many, but it is very important.

It is her apostasy that has cultivated the more anti-traditional Enola Holmes.

“ENOLA HOLMES” is based on Nancy Springer’s “The Enola Holmes Mysteries” series of novels.

There are 6 original novels in total.

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The story of Enola Holmes’s mother’s sudden disappearance on her 16th birthday.

She asked her brothers for help but found that they were more concerned about sending her to a boarding school to settle down than to solve the mystery.

So Enola Holmes fled to London and started his career as a detective.

And she is always one step ahead of her brothers.

In 2020, Netflix launched “ENOLA HOLMES”.

With a relaxed and humorous tone, the whole film was very popular as soon as it went online.

Therefore, “Enola Holmes 2” was quickly established within a few months after the film went live.

For Millie Bobby Brown, although she has achieved remarkable success in the drama.

But when it comes to the big screen, she is still a newcomer to the screen.

And this time, starring in “Enola Holmes 2” and starring is an excellent opportunity for her to gain a foothold in Hollywood.

Currently, “Enola Holmes 2” has no specific shooting and screening arrangements.

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