The joker joins the Alien Director’s new film to play Napoleon. After 20 years, the first collaboration after “Gladiator”


Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix will collaborate again to make a historical epic film.

The “Alien” director has already started working on his next film “Kitbag”, which will be a biographical film about French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte, with Joaquin Phoenix as the protagonist.

As for the title, it comes from a sentence: “Every soldier hides a general’s staff in his backpack.”

It is reported that this film uses a unique perspective, starting from the turbulent relationship between Napoleon and his women, telling the origin of Napoleon and his rapid and ruthless climb to the throne of the emperor.

This film aims to capture Napoleon’s famous battle, unremitting ambition and amazing strategic mind as an extraordinary military leader and war vision.

Ridley Scott is still very busy in 2020. “The Last Duel” has just finished filming recently. Scott’s next work is “GUCCI” starring Lady Gaga. The film includes a first-class cast, including Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Adam Driver and Jared Leto.

“Kitbag” will start shooting after the production of “GUCCI”.

As for Joaquin Phoenix, he stood out in the 2019 “Joker”, which earned more than $1 billion at the global box office and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture and won him an Oscar for Best Actor.

In 2000, Ridley Scott’s epic film “Gladiator” won the best film of the year and achieved great economic success. “Kitbag” will be Phoenix and Scott’s first time after “Gladiator” Cooperation.

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