“The Gray Man” exposes a set of character posters


Recently, the movie “The Gray Man” exposed a set of character posters. On the poster, the male and female protagonists all appeared. The overall style of the poster is retro and cartoon, with exaggerated color matching and character handling, which has a comic feel.

"The Gray Man" exposes a set of character posters

“The Gray Man” is Netflix’s highest-grossing film, at about $200 million. “The Gray Man” in the title of the film is the nickname of a CIA agent with extraordinary intelligence and agility.

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After retiring, he became a hired killer, and his extraordinary ability became a thorn in the eyes of a group. When he was on a mission in the Middle East, Court Gentry was waiting for a strong rescue team. Unexpectedly, he became the rescue team. The goal.


In addition to this work, Netflix is also expected to continue to develop the two sequel novels “Locked On” and “Threat Vector” of “The Gray Man”, which Netflix intends to make into a series of “007”-level films.


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